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Best Large Rabbit Cage

What are the Top XL Giant Bunny Cages?

If you love rabbits, then you have probably tried a variety of ways to keep them close to the family. One of the best could be having their cages in the house so that you can spend limitless time with them and also ensure their safety and comfort at all times.

Cages come in different designs and with varying specifications. Most importantly, they are available in an array of sizes. Large rabbit cages provide enough room for their movement and playing, which you will come to find to be part of their lives and what completes them.

Bunnies are lovely and intelligent; you can’t help but keep them close whenever you can. What if your space is too little? It is one of the reasons why most rabbit owners would opt for outdoor rabbit hutches. 

Good rabbit cages have size specifications, which will guide you on what is most likely to fit into your available space. We are going to discuss some of the best available cages for your rabbit, looking into what each product has to offer.

You should keep an eye on the available sizes for better chances of a product that you will not only love but will also work well for both you and your bunny. Below is our list of some of the best large cages in the market:

1. Living World

Topping our list is one of the best cages that you will find for your rabbits, owing to its impeccable design, among other features. Let us have a look at them.

You may love the space that you get with this product, coming in measurements of 37.8” x 22.4”. Its deep base is good for ensuring the cage’s contents are protected and do not spill out.

You may find the need to get more accessories with other cages, but not Living World. It is easy to set up, and assembling it does not take more than minutes. Whenever you think of comfort, you should rest assured that your bunny will be comfortable in this habitat.

It comes with, among other things your rabbit will find amazing, a balcony for resting, a water bottle, a hay guard, and a feeding dish. What is more, is that the water bottle and feeding dish will not easily tip, thanks to the wires that secure them.

This product’s other admirable feature is its customization. Its balcony is easy to detach to create more room. A makeshift ramp can also come in handy, should your rabbit face challenges with the sliding access door.

The durability of the wires is another winning point. If you have a chewer or playful rabbit that may try to get out, then this cage should serve you well, although some customers have raised concerns. Living World can house two small rabbits or a single large one.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Spacious
  • Comes with accessories
  • Multiple access doors
  • Durable wireframe


  • You may find it to be costly
  • Some users did not find the water bottle to be useful

2. Kaytee

If you would like to house two rabbits with more space, then this second product by Kaytee could be what you are looking for. You may find it to be longer than the top product by Living World, measuring to a length of about 48”. 

You may love this product’s design. It comes with a buffet for your rabbit’s timothy hay, which allows them to enjoy without leaving the cage floor messy. Besides a food dish, you should also expect a leak-proof water bottle. 

The above combination of features eases the cleaning of the cage. Because of less mess made on the floor, you should find it easy to scrub. The large access doors promote not only your easy access but also that of your bunny. 

The plopping side doors easily form a ramp for aid with getting in and out of the cage. You should also expect a top access door. Access is made easier by the curving access ramp, with which your pets can slide down.

Following that this is a two-level cage, its upper level can serve as a resting place. Your rabbits should thus, find it possible to separately rest. This product also comes with caster wheels, which ease movement when you need to clean it.

Instead of the two adult bunnies that this cage can house, you can have three small bunnies.


  • Spacious
  • Comfortable
  • Hay buffet
  • Caster wheels
  • Two access doors


  • Some users had challenges setting it up
  • Some users did not find it easy to clean

3. Living World XL

Did the cage by Living World offer what you were looking for but for sufficient space? You may want to consider their extra-large model, coming third in our list.

You should expect most of what the top product featured, including space enough for up to two large rabbits. It measures a length of about 48” x 23” and features a design that you may love more.

It has curved top access doors, enhancing not only the product’s looks but also its ease of access by opening and shutting. When cleaning, this can be quite helpful—with the door open, about half of the cage is at your reach.

Like the former product by the Living World, you should expect a balcony with a water bottle, feeding dish, hay feeder, and like the former, a bottom that is deep enough to prevent spills.

While it offers ample space for your bunnies, you should find its size to be a good enough fit for a small corner position.


  • Extra large
  • Great design
  • Large access doors


  • Some users had challenges setting it up
  • Some users did not find it easy to clean

4. Ferplast Krolik 140

Ferplast manufacturers good-quality rabbit cages. Krolik 140 boasts of among the best designs. It also provides more sufficient space, surpassing what any of the top three in our list offer.

You will notice how long this cage is, following the 56” measure. This product will suit anyone who loves the idea of providing their rabbits with as much space as they need.

For more room, its patented base does not have any flares. It also comes with a removable extension, which you may find handy in separating your pets or in nesting. Its door opening is also one of the widest that you will come across.

Easy accessibility means easy cleaning and a happy pet means a happy parent. This cage’s extension comes in a wooden house design, which provides more comfort.

You may love the food bow design, which has been made to prevent accidental knock-downs. Its hay guard is also great for its continuous supply, ensuring that your rabbit does not drag their meals around.

This is a sturdy rabbit cage that you may love. Cleaning and maintaining it are easy. Its space is enough for three adult rabbits.


  • Spacious
  • Patented bottom (no flare)
  • Wide opening
  • Handy accessories included
  • Wooden house for resting and nesting


  • Some users found it difficult to set up
  • Some users found it difficult to clean

5. Ferplast Krolik— Large

Finalizing our list is one of the largest rabbit cages that you will come across. If you feel that the space will be useful, then do not hesitate to go for this product by Ferplast. It measures 64” x 24”.

Like our number four by Ferplast, this product features a patented base design with no flare. The result is more room for your rabbits. You may also love how the base’s height keeps out sawdust, hay, or things that could get kicked into the cage’s room.

Its front door provides wide access into the inner of the cage, making it easy to clean. You should be happy with the removability of its accessories, which include but are not limited to its elevated balcony, hay guards, and water bottles. If you would like to use it as a bare cage, then you can.

This cage’s extension fits well to the main cage. You can use it as a separate room, where a male that is not in the best behavior can stay or where an injured rabbit can rest. This section comes with an independent sliding access door.

What is more, this cage is easily portable; it can be a good option for a traveler. You can always knock it flat whenever it is not in use.


  • Large and spacious
  • Patented bottom (no flares)
  • Removable accessories
  • Separate extension
  • Easily portable


  • Some users had challenges with assembly
  • Some users were not happy with its functionality

Buying Guide

When looking for a cage for your bunny, there are factors that you may want to consider for higher chances of walking away with a product you will love. In this case, that will mean a cage, spacious, comfortable, and suitable enough for your bunny.

You may want to think about the amount of space you will be getting. Space affects the comfort of your rabbit, their maneuverability, and even accessories that may come with the cage, like a water bottle or feeding dish.

How spacious the rabbit cage is will further affect how much of your space it eats up. Large cages may require open areas or positions with ample space to set the cage. Most cages have been designed to cover a small width and more length, should need be.

Along with space, you may want to consider comfort. This can be affected by myriads of other factors like the design of the cage, space, and as we have noted above, the addition of handy accessories.

A comfortable cage should be easy to access and further, access is affected by the width of the access doors. If they are wide enough, your rabbit should find it easy to move around.

Accessibility affects cleaning. Easily accessible cages make it easy to reach all points and clean them. If the spaces were slimmer, however, you may face a challenge reaching certain places in the cage to scrub off dirt.

While an easy to clean cage could suit you, you may find it useless if it is not easy to set up and move around. Assembly is an important part, which determines how long after receiving your package, you can comfortably and with ease, use it.

Complex products will take hours to set up, while simpler ones take a shorter time. Go for something that will not give you a hard time. Besides that, you should also consider getting a durable product.

You don’t have to purchase a cheap product that will cost you more in the end, when you can take your time to choose what is likely to work best for your rabbit. All in all, buy a product whose price you can manage. 

You will be able to make more considerations once you have an idea about what your rabbit needs. Eliminate what does not work and note what does. I hope you find what you are looking for—happy shopping.

Bottom Line

A rabbit that stays close to the family warms a house with love, laughter, and intelligence. You may want to get your pet a cage they can use indoors; it is one of the best things you can do for them—offer a place for their sporting and resting.

Choosing the best rabbit cage requires that you consider factors like space, comfort, durability, accessibility, among others; otherwise, it is easy to get confused by the available options.

We have looked at some of the best cages available for your bunny and what each has to offer. I would like to recommend that you purchase Living World. It is roomy and comes with handy accessories. You may find it easy to set up and use. It is also comfortable.

What is more, it features a balcony, a water bottle, and a feeding dish, secured by durable wires. This product is easily customizable and can house two small rabbits or a single large one.

There is no reason why you should not get this product—buy Living World today!

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