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A Hoppity-Loppity

There are three of them, all fuzzy and cute, six weeks old, all broken orange in color. At about three pounds each, they are hefty little rabbits. Razzle Dazzle, or Raz for short, is the only buck, brown-eyed. He once was shy, but now he’s outgoing and trusting. His sister, Bigwigina, was thought to be a buck when she was born, but now we know she’s a doe. She has colored ears and a white blaze down the face. She likes to explore and attack the cat. Last, but not least, is Spazz, Bigwigina’s twin sister. Spazz likes to cuddle and explore, and she is a real sweetheart. Now that you know what they are like, here is a story narrarated by Spazz.

It was a cool morning, waking up in the cage with Mom and the others. I could hear Sam above me, eating his food with a vengeance. He’s ready to service a doe but isn’t allowed to because he is a mudblood. Mom is a trueblood, though – she was registered and everything. Bigwigina is waking up, too, and she’s complaining about having no food. Raz has been up all morning, drinking. He has a bit of a pooping problem. Myself, I’m just yearning to stretch my legs a bit

A few hours have passed, and it’s daylight now, and the owner has come to feed us. She always starts with my family’s cage first because we have to share our food. Sam is next, because he’s a pig and always hungry. Last is Eclipse, who is in heat, like always. But she’s a mudblood, too, so she can’t be serviced by Sam. That makes her depressed, and she hasn’t been eating a lot lately.

Now that everyone is eating, the owner comes back my family. She likes to watch us eat – I don’t know why. Then she gives all of us hay, which Eclipse does eats. I always get lost and can’t find the hay, so the owner lifts me by my scruff and turns me around. She does that for Raz, too, but not because he can’t find the hay – he’s just stupid.

So I munch on the hay, and when I’ve had my fill, I go to the front of the cage, nearer to the owner. I’m always there first to get my head scratched and my ears rubbed. It feels so good because the morning air has chilled my ears and I can’t feel them. By now, Bigwigina has finished eating, too, and she comes over for her rub and scratches. Pretty soon Mom comes over for a pat as she chews her hay happily.

Later in the day guests usually come. One lady in particular likes us, and we are always taken out of our cage to see her. The owner tells says, “Lee is here,” whatever that means. Usually I’m in the front of the cage, so I’m chosen to see the lady. Today is no different.

We go through the door and into the warm house, the cat and dog following. They’re jealous that the lady likes me more than them just because I’m smaller. I like seeing this lady. She smells like dead flowers that have been sweetened, but I still like the smell. It overpowers me, and I feel dizzy and at peace. She’s very warm, and as she strokes me, I sense that she likes me. Usually Raz comes with me on such trips, but today it’s just me. I think this lady likes me more because I stay still to be pet, while Raz tries to explore.

After a while, I’m taken away by the owner into a blue room with wooden walls and plastic flooring. Here a big door is opened and a nice, small baby carrot is taken out. The owner gives me the carrot for being good, and I chew it slowly. I have learned that if I eat it quickly, I go back to the boring cage quickly.

I leave my carrot for a while and chase the cat, who has that big cone on her head. She’s annoyed by it because it limits her chasing me. So I get to chase her! Pretty soon I get bored and finish my carrot, and then back home I go.

When I get back to the cage, Mom licks me to get any carrot I’ve got left on my whiskers. She only has carrots once a week, so she is jealous sometimes. I can hear the owner petting Sam. He likes his head to be stroked and scratched, but he wants to service so badly that he nips the owner, and his petting is cut short. I can hear him thumping the cage bottom in frustration.

Soon it is evening. The owner has given us a pinecone to play with, but it’s that sharp kind, the one that can hurt if you bite too hard. So we gingerly throw the pinecone around until it’s been worn down.

It’s getting dark, and I’m tired, so until tomorrow I think I’ll just sleep and dream of spring, which is just around the corner.

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