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Best Rabbit Playpen

What is the Top Bunny Play Pen for Outdoor & Indoor Use?

Is it not beautiful how rabbits play around, living their best lives? I find watching them have fun to be relaxing but that is not all. Some freedom is critical to the development of every living creature. A playpen could, therefore, be the next great purchase you make for your bunny.

If you are a new rabbit owner, then you probably just got your little friend and are thinking of the best way to introduce them to their new home. A playpen is a good idea. You will also find them ideal for daily or occasional exercises and litter training.

Playpens come in a variety of designs. This is due to among other reasons, the fact that rabbits have varied preferences. The age and weight of your rabbit, for instance, are considerations you will almost always need to check with before purchasing anything your rabbit may need.

Besides designs and the different purposes each product may play, you will also realize that there are so many brands of rabbit playpens available. Each brand has something special to offer, and a wide range of features that could serve you differently in situations.

How do you choose the best? In this article, we are going to look into some of the top available playpens for bunnies. We will also discuss some of the factors that you may want to keep in mind when shopping. Our list is as follows:

1. Kaytee

You may love the value that this playpen provides your rabbit(s)—they are sure to have a good time with it. Its combination of features is what you would expect of a top product. Let us have a look at them.

You may be happy that it comes with connectable panels. With them, you can achieve a spacious playing area of up to nine square feet, by setting different shapes. Do you have a giant rabbit? You should find the space to be enough for them to move around comfortably and even play or jump in. 

Are you concerned about setting it up? You should find it to be one of the easiest products on our list to set up, following that you do not need any tools. You should get a durable lock when the connecting panels slide into place. While your bunny may not be able to take them apart, you should find it manageable.

What is more, is that this playpen comes with a plastic mat, which should keep messes off your floor. A notable setback, however, is with this plastic mat—some rabbits may chew on it.


  • Large, adjustable play areas
  • Easy to set up
  • Plastic mat included
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors


  • Some rabbits will chew on the plastic floor

2. Prevue

Are you looking for a playpen that your rabbit may easily grow a liking to? Well, this second option comes in colorful, good looks that even you may love. Its design is circular and comes in seven square feet, with eight panels of 13” x 9”. 

Compared to our top product, however, you may find this model to be smaller. However, its cost is much fairer and a thus better option for the money. Let us find out what features take this product’s value up the ladder.

You may first be drawn by its simple setup. Something else is its customization. If you would like to have more room for the playing area, you can easily combine other sets to this. Because of its size, however, you will find it most suitable for small rabbits.


  • Great value
  • Easy to set up
  • Can, as per preference, be rearranged


  • Low walls
  • Small playing area

3. Marshall 

What you may love about this product is that it is an upgrade to the former product’s inadequacy. If you were disappointed that your rabbits could easily jump out, then this product should cater to it, but at a higher price. Let us have a look at what it has to offer.

Thanks to its panels, which come at 29 inches, you should it easy to keep your bunnies in their enclosure. What more may interest with this product is that it can serve as not only a play area but also a comfortable-enough habitat for smaller bunnies.

Are you hoping to litter train your pet? This piece could serve you well, with plenty of room for it, and what is more, is that it can be a good way to welcome a new bunny into the family; no worries of disputes or discomfort.

Among well-equipped playpens that you can get your bunny, this is among the best. However, that comes at a price not everybody would be happy with. If you can manage the cost, however, then its quality and versatility will do you a great deal and worth.


  • Generous space
  • Comes with a mat and a cover
  • Easy to set up


  • Costly

4. Tespo R

Are you looking for the most spacious playpen? This could be a good consideration, considering that its size beats that of all the products on our list. It comes with a dozen 28-inch panels in height, which means that it will be easier to keep your bunnies within the enclosure, with no chances of jumping out.

However, the size comes at a price; you will find it to be costlier, compared to smaller playpens. Nevertheless, if you have several rabbits that you think plenty of room would help, then this product could serve you well. 

You may be disappointed with this product’s assembly, though. Most playpens, and as you have noticed with our top three, are easy to set up and when need be, to take apart as well. This playpen, however, may need you to be prepared with the required cable ties and mallet—not to worry, they promote the product’s stability.

You may love using this playpen as a semi-permanent option; the features should suit you well. Another option would do, though, if you are looking for an easily portable playpen. Tespo’s large size will make it difficult to move around with.


  • Spacious
  • A variety of rearranging options
  • Comes with assembly tools


  • Difficult assembly
  • Not easily portable

5. MidWest

Do you have small rabbits or are thinking of introducing one to their new home? Then this option could be what you are looking for. You will find that it is the smallest among the products in this list, with its 15-inch height and a play area of six square feet. Depending on what your rabbit needs, this could work for you.

Small playpens are not limited of perks. You may love this product’s fold-flat design, which makes its portability and storage easy. If you like the idea of going out with your rabbit, therefore, then this playpen could serve you well. 

You should, nevertheless, expect disappointments that come along with the small size. Your bunnies will not enjoy as much comfort and freedom as they would with a larger piece, among other factors.


  • Convenient design
  • Durable
  • 1-year warranty


  • Too small
  • Too short on the sides


If you like designs that not only impress but work well, then our final option could be a great consideration. Uniquely, you will realize that no other product on this list is fabric-made but the RYPET. First, you may notice how transparent it is and be happy with its breathability.

Its setup is among the easiest that you will come across. Good features, however, come at a price, and the same is true with RYPET’s delivery. You may also be disappointed with the polyester, which most rabbits will not have a problem chewing through. 

While chewing is a common rabbit habit, you do not want your pet consuming too much of this product’s material, following that it is not natural fiber—your bunny could fall sick or experience stomach upsets. 

If you are looking for a product you can easily move around with, then this playpen could be it, thanks to its lightweight design. Remember, however, to keep a close eye on your rabbit to ensure they do not consume it.


  • Easily breathable
  • 10 square feet roaming area
  • Auto open design


  • Flimsy material
  • Some rabbits will eat the polyester

Buying Guide

If you are a first-time rabbit owner or have not purchased a playpen before, you may find it confusing to shop through the available options. They indeed provide features that could serve us in one way or another but how do you determine what works best for you?

In this section, we are going to look into some of the important factors to keep in mind when shopping for a bunny playpen. 

You may want to think about the size you will need. How many rabbits do you own or hope to house with the product? What is their body size and age? As we had earlier noted, age and size are critical considerations to make when dealing with or looking for any bunny products.

In matters of size and thus the space they get, rabbits are going to have varied preferences. Small rabbits, for instance, may not require as much space as giant rabbits would. You should not, however, compromise on their comfort, however small they are. 

With your rabbit’s body size in mind, also think about how many rabbits you wish to use the playpen with. If they are several small rabbits, then you will still have varied preferences from someone who owns several or even two large rabbits. Like in the previous case, you do not want to compromise on comfort.

Working with your rabbit’s size, get them something you are sure they will fit and be comfortable in. All the products in our list come with measurements, allowing you to determine which size can fit your rabbit(s) best.

Now that you have a size in mind, how do you intend to use your playpen? As we had also earlier noted, playpens can be used for more than just playing. You will not get the same usefulness as you would with other cages but they provide a handy variety of options.

Did you get a new rabbit? Congratulations! Your first rabbit(s), however, may not be as happy with the idea. Bunnies can be territorial and as you introduce a new member to the family, you may notice some hostility or territorial disputes. 

A playpen could go a long way in warming up this phase and ensuring that everyone is happy. With separate spaces, you should be able to ease your new rabbit’s transition into the family. You may come to find bunny playpens to be one of the best ways to litter train your pet. Some models come with good space and mats to prevent messes. 

Along with litter training, is customization. You can easily convert some playpens into enclosures. What you may need to do is add a water source, a food dish, litter box, and even toys. Serving as enclosures and playpens, you will end up saving on costs you would have otherwise incurred separately.

Once you have decided on what you would like to use your playpen for, you may also want to consider what material it is made of. Common materials that you should expect are metal, wood, wire/mesh, and plastic.

Each material could mean ease of use, durability, or comfort. When choosing what to go for, you should consider your rabbit’s health and safety. Plastic and wire mesh, for instance, are easily chewable and most rabbits can jump out of such structures.

Are you thinking of using the playpen permanently or temporarily? That is another important consideration to make. Temporary structures are portable, thus easy to move around with. They have been constructed with a traveler in mind.

In this case, you may want to consider lightweight designs, since you will not have trouble carrying them. Foldability is also important because it will save you the space you need. 

Also, consider a playpen’s set up and take down. Is it going to be easy? Some products have been designed to make it easy to do both, while others may be a little complicated. Can you manage complicated or would you rather go for simple? The choice is yours.

Think about a product’s durability. Your rabbit(s) will easily break out of models that don’t hold. They will also chew on parts that are not well-constructed or built to stand it. Therefore, consider the materials with which a product is made.

Durability will also determine how long you can use the playpen. Its construction is weak, you will either need to get it checked regularly or will end up making more purchases than you should within a short time.

Related to durability, is security. A well-constructed playpen should be able to keep your rabbits in. Since they are playful, your pets may try all ways possible to jump out of their playing areas. If your product is not a good build, it will have trouble keeping them in.

Consider adult rabbits as well. They have more weight and power than the smaller ones and will, therefore, easily get out of weak models. Go for a product you can trust to provide the comfort your bunnies will love while keeping them secure within the enclosure.

A product’s price is something else to think about. From our list, you will notice that some playpens are more affordable than others. This is, however, with reasons. So, find out what it is that makes a product costlier than the rest. If it is something that helps, then you may want to consider it.

If you do not find much use of a product’s features that make it expensive, then you can always go for a cheaper option. It is a good idea to work with your budget—what you can manage. Do not strain with expensive products, which do not guarantee zero disappointments.

All in all, when shopping, know what you want—what works best for your bunny. That will always be the best place to start because it will point you in the direction of what is more likely to be relevant and helpful. I hope you find what you are looking for, happy shopping!

Bottom Line

A happy rabbit is a happy parent. You may find a rabbit’s activity and exercises to be fun to have around the house. For more comfort as they hop and enjoy some freedom, a playpen could come quite handy.

If you just got a rabbit or are thinking of an affordable option that can work as both an enclosure and in litter training, then a playpen could be it. You are spoilt for choice with all the available options, with their varying features and makes.

Besides discussing some of the best products you should expect, we have also looked at factors that are important to consider when shopping. I would like to recommend that you buy the Kaytee playpen.

It has connectable panels for a spacious playing area. The space should be comfortable and sufficient for a giant rabbit. It is also easy to set up and comes with a plastic mat.

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