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The Legend of Jack Rabbit

Crystal Meyer is the 10-and-one-half-year-old daughter of Lynnelle Meyer. Crystal breeds and shows rabbits for 4-H. This whimsical short story is her first contribution to the Rabbit Web Zine.

Have you ever heard the story of the giant rabbit? He was huge and aggressive. He had the freakiest eyes ever. No one could get a good look at him, but they would always fall in his footsteps because they were wide and deep.

Sometimes people would see him jump the fence. Once a man peeked around the corner of the fence and saw his eyes. They glowed like a cat’s eyes. Soon the people called him the Jack Rabbit.

The rabbit made such a mess. He tore people’s pet rabbit cages apart. He attacked all the rabbits he found and left the area a disaster.

“What should we do about this problem?” one of the people in the town asked. Someone else said, “I got it! Let’s go to the scientist, Matthew. He’ll know what to do!”

Scientist Matthew said, “I can make a fake giant doe. That way, the Jack Rabbit will stop destroying the cages because he will be more interested in the doe.”

So Matthew the scientist got to work. By morning the giant doe was ready. The people waited until night fell. Then the Jack Rabbit came. Scientist Matthew looked five inches tall compared to the Jack Rabbit. Matthew wrestled the Jack Rabbit until they were tired and both collapsed. Then the people put the fake doe in front of the Jack Rabbit. When the Jack Rabbit woke up, he saw he had a mate. And that’s how they stopped the Jack Rabbit!

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