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Best Rabbit Carrier for Travel

What are the Top Bunny Travel Pet Carriers & Cages?

Having a rabbit as a pet is certainly one of the most amazing feelings in the world. Rabbits are very adorable and amusing animals, hence having a rabbit for a pet guarantees nothing less than a fascinating experience.

However, being a pet owner is all fun and games until it comes to taking care of the pet. This tends to be a bit challenging since it is difficult to find the best equipment for your pet.

Specifically, when it comes to rabbits, finding the best carrier for your pet. Why is a rabbit carrier important? Taking your pet to the veterinarian is an event that takes place every once in a while.

A rabbit carrier that is specifically designed for travel ensures that your pet is comfortable and safe during this trip to and from the veterinarian’s office. 

You may prefer using a normal cage for your pet’s transport, but this is not advisable since it may lead to grievous results such as your rabbit being badly injured. 

Instead of putting yourself through such a horrible experience, choose a rabbit carrier that is specially designed for transport. With the reviews below, I am confident that you will find the best choice for your pet.

1. Favorite Airline

Favorite Airline is a pet carrier that is convenient for not only rabbits but also other animals such as cats and dogs. If you own rabbits alongside these animals, then this is an advantage since this carrier can be utilized for all these animals.

Spending your cash on this product results in you saving a lot since you do not have to worry about acquiring other carriers for your other pets. This is one of the biggest advantages of versatility.

It is perfectly sized, ensuring that your per is extremely comfortable since it has enough room to move around. The durable doors are another very huge advantage. They are made of polyethylene, a material that is lauded for its durability and fantastic quality.

Keeping your pet safe is a primary responsibility, hence this carrier comes with a mesh door, which secures your per safely inside the cage and prevents any escape. With its ventilation slats, the cage is very well aerated.

The plastic material that is used is extremely strong and incapable of being damaged by your rabbit’s scratches and bites. It is also lightweight and easy to carry, as well as features that make it ideal for international traveling trips.


  • It is very easy to carry.
  • Extremely secure.
  • The material is chew-proof hence durable.


  • Only capable of housing one rabbit.

2. Favorite Top Load

Being from the same manufacturer, the first product differs from this one in that it is specifically designed for pet owners who tend to travel a lot. However, if you are fond of short trips such as the aforementioned trip to the veterinary, then this is the bunny cage you are looking for.

It is lightweight and compact in size, which are the features needed to guarantee easy portability. With the width and length measurements, you are assured that your rabbit will have more than enough room to relax while on the trip.

Who said that pet equipment should not look good? Finding the best pet equipment should not have you disregarding the need for style. Favorite Top Load has a very attractive white and turquoise color that is delightful to look at.

The transparent lid is another beneficial feature since it makes it possible for you to keep an eye on your bunny. For further security, it contains two buttons that help you secure the lid and prevent any chance of your pet running off.

It consists of multiple vents that ensure ventilation and has numerous locks that easily snap into place and that your rabbit is secure


  • It is remarkably safe.
  • Very easy to transport.


  • It is not suitable for long trips.

3. Suncast Deluxe

Do you have a very chubby rabbit? In the same way that plus-sized people find it difficult to find various products that suit them, finding a transport cage for your chubby bunny is quite a task since most brands tend to be too small.

However, you are in luck since Suncast Deluxe is specially designed for chubby bunnies. On the flip side, if your rabbit is not chubby but you would like a carrier that has more than enough room, then Suncast Deluxe is still the most favorable option for you.

It has top tier aesthetics that ascertain your pet’s comfort and safety while in the cage. The various wire mesh slots ensure ventilation and they are also chew-proof, making them resistant to any potential damage that may be caused.

Suncast Deluxe is suitable for both long and short trips. For the former, it contains multiple slots that make it possible for you to hang your pet’s water bottle and food bowl, which is very impressive.

This is an extra spaced cage that can comfortably preserve two tiny rabbits or your chubby pet rabbit for both long and short trips.


  • Very convenient for chubby bunnies.
  • It is durable.
  • It is very spacious.


  • The top opening is not transparent.

4. Pet Kennel

Pet Kennel is a manufacturer that is known for producing premium pet paraphernalia. You are therefore assured that with Pet Kennel, your rabbit is in extremely competent hands. It is specifically designed for air travel, making it convenient for international trips.

With a length and width of twenty and thirteen inches respectively, this transport cage ensures that your pet is extremely comfortable by providing it with enough room to freely move from place to place.

The heavy-duty plastic material that is used in its construction helps foster durability by making it fit to serve for so many years. Therefore no amount of scratches or bites from your pet will result in its wear and tear.

This crate is also very well secured, making certain that your bunny is safe during your long trip. The ventilation vents are much higher than other cages, but they are still as efficient as others, providing your let with all the air and light it requires.

Besides its light weight, it has a handle that allows you to easily carry it and move your pet to the next location.


  • It is made of durable material.
  • It is easy to transport.
  • It is secure.


  • The vents are high hence making it impossible for the rabbit to see its surroundings.

5. Kaycee Travel Carrier

With Kaycee Travel Carrier, the last worry on your mind will be your pet suffering from claustrophobia. It is open on all four sides, letting in maximum light and air, therefore ventilation is completely guaranteed.

It is specifically built for travel, making it an ideal cage for transporting your rabbit. It incorporates a unique design, using a mesh that is chew-proof, this fostering durability. Kaycee Travel Carrier is also an extremely hygienic travel craft.

The base is made of easy-to-clean plastic material hence making it easy for you to clean your pet’s traveling cage before and after every trip. You are capable of easily accessing and interacting with your bunny since the front door is spacious.

For easy transportation, it features a huge handle on the top that is not only comfortable but also furnishes you with a firm and sturdy grip. You can also use it for a bird pet if you have one since it constitutes a wooden perch.

The most attractive feature of this product is its affordability. It is priced below twenty dollars, making it a budget-friendly option that guarantees good quality.


  • It is pocket-friendly.
  • It is easy to carry.
  • It is long-lasting.


  • May be too open for some.

Buying Guide

Quite frankly, it is impossible to find the most ideal travel crate for your pet when solely relying on the above reviews. All the above brands have amazing features as well as various downsides. So then, how will you know which one to pick?

This section aims to show you that there is so much that goes into choosing equipment for your pet. Apart from the reviews, various factors also aid you in your search. They help you recognize the must-have aspects that make a travel crate stand out.

You should therefore treat this section like your checklist. If your carrier checks all the boxes, then suffice it to say that it is the most favorable choice for your pet bunny. 

Avoid choosing a traveling cage just because your friend or colleague has it. The choice of what paraphernalia works for your pet is often a subjective one. What works for your neighbor’s bunny may not necessarily work for yours.

Therefore, instead of letting others decide for you, choose a crate that completely suits your pet rabbit.

  • Does it suit your needs?

As the rabbit owner, you know what best suits you and your pet. For you to answer this question, it is fundamental to review certain aspects such as whether you are a long or short trip kind of pet owner. Under which category do you fall?

The short trip entails the occasional trips to the veterinarian as well as the short walks most pet owners take with their pets. As for long trips, this mainly embodies international trips. 

Both trips are different, meaning it would be reckless to choose a crate before considering where it belongs. If you are a short trip bunny owner, then it only makes sense to choose a travel crate that is designed for this 

The same applies if you are a long trip pet owner. However, if you are both a long and short trip rabbit owner, then all is not lost since there are brands that are suitable for both.

Having this in mind before making a choice will percent you from choosing a short trip carrier when you are a long trip bunny owner and the other way round. At the end of the day, you want to make the best choice for your bunny, and considering this aspect helps you do this.

  • Is your bunny comfortable?

This is an extremely easy aspect to determine. Your bunny’s comfort is assured in a traveling cage that is spacious and large enough to comfortably house it. Size is therefore the first thing you should look at.

Do not choose a crate that is too small to house your large bunny. Remember this is a travel carrier you are after, and it would be unfair for your rabbit to be squeezed and uncomfortable in a crate that is too small for it.

Similarly, it is not advisable to choose a small crate when dealing with a bunny that is small in size. Such a situation always demands progressive thinking. Yes, that crate may comfortably accommodate it for now, but what happens when it grows up?

To avoid the complication and extra cost of having to purchase another brand for your grown-up bunny, the best thing you can do is acquire a carrier that is competent enough to see your rabbit through all the stages of growing up.

Apart from the size, make sure the crate is spacious enough for your bunny. As living things, both humans and animals tend to get really bored especially during long hour trips. As the pet owner, you are fortunate enough to have various forms of entertainment.

For your bunny, however, the best way to help it deal with this boredom is by providing it with enough room to move around and distract itself. This not only helps the rabbit deal with boredom but also stretch its muscles after sitting for hours.

  • How about ventilation?

The first thing you need to more is that ventilation is about more than aeration. Ensure that the crate has multiple vents to not only ensure maximum supply of air but also allow enough light into the premise.

The best part about these vents is that they also help your pet look around and observe its surroundings as you travel. This helps do away with boredom and restlessness, which are inevitable when traveling with an animal.

It is therefore paramount to analyze whether the cents are too high or not. If they are too high, your bunny will still receive the aeration and light it requires but it will be impossible for it to observe the environment.

Therefore go for a travel carrier whose vents are not too high, thus providing your pet with every necessary aspect.

  • Hygiene

A hygienic travel crate is that which is easy to clean. There are various ways that your pet can contract diseases and having a dirty traveling cage is one of them. It would therefore be very ironic to take your pet to the veterinarian in a dirty cage.

If the cage is made of plastic, ensure that it is a plastic material that is easy to clean. The door also plays a vital role when it comes to hygiene. A wide and spacious for makes it easy for you to remove any dirt and droppings that have accumulated over time.

  • Safety

For safety, you should go for a crate that is made of chew-proof mean material. This assures you that no matter how many bites and scratches by your rabbit, it will never successfully escape. It also helps if the good contains various locks since this further enhances security.

Another often ignored aspect that helps in ascertaining your rabbit’s safety is a transparent top. This helps you monitor your pet’s movements, as well as enabling you to interact with it whenever you wish. 

Besides mesh, heavy-duty plastic is also a very strong and sturdy material. Its strength makes it indestructible, hence assuring you that the rabbit is kept safe and secure.

Various modern systems help foster further security, and if you are fond of technology, then you should look for a crate that incorporates these systems.


With all these factors and reviews, finding the best traveling carrier for your bunny will be like a walk in the park; very simple and relaxing. If I had a pet rabbit, I would certainly go for Favorite Airline as its travel crate.

It is not only aimed at providing the best for your bunny but to also make it easy for you to do this. This convenience is very convenient and beneficial. Its versatility is another aspect that is certainly unmatched.

Favorite Airline accommodates other pets other than just your bunny. This liberty is a very attractive aspect that is extremely positive and useful. With this travel crate, your pet will certainly enjoy your trips.

Whether it is just a quick stop at the veterinarian’s office or a trip to another country, your bunny will certainly enjoy every experienced. This travel carrier is perfectly equipped with all the features that are needed to make a rabbit’s travel experience phenomenal.

The best part about it is that it costs less than thirty dollars, making it among the cheapest travel cages. It is not every day that you come across a product with all these fantastic features at a budget-friendly price.

You should thereby seize this opportunity and make the best choice for your pet. Make sure you get your Favorite Airline travel carrier today!

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