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Best Indoor Rabbit Cages

What is the Top Bunny Cage Hutch for Inside the House?

As a rabbit owner, the decision of whether to keep it inside or outside your house falls squarely on your shoulders. You might want to consider the former since with your rabbit indoors, it is more guaranteed of safety and warmth.

If you do decide to keep your bunny indoors, then the next step is for you to find the perfect cage for it. When doing this, it will become apparent to you that there are numerous rabbit cages in the market.

The difficult part is often trying to figure out which cage is better suited for indoor use and which is not. Once you find the indoor cages, the next step is singling out the one brand that will best suit your pet.

The aforementioned therefore makes it evident that finding an indoor cage for your pet is a really cumbersome task. Without perfect guidance, you may end up making a poorly informed decision.

Your pet deserves nothing less than the best, and to help you achieve this, I have shortlisted a few bunny cages that have amazing features. You can thus proceed to choose the cage that you deem most satisfactory for you and your pet.

1. Living World Deluxe

Living World Deluxe is a rabbit cage that gives your pet complete VIP treatment. From comfort to safety, to relaxation, this cage has it all. You can be sure that your pet will not lack anything.

The bottom is made of a removable plastic base, which is convenient for cleaning. We all know that ventilation is paramount and that is why Living World Deluxe makes room for this.

There is an upper wireframe that allows enough air inside the cage to ensure that your pet does not suffocate or suffer from other respiratory issues that result from a lack of enough air.

How amazing is it that this product also produces a private place for your pet to sleep and relax? It has a hidden place under the balcony where your rabbit can enjoy some peaceful, uninterrupted time.

It comes in various sizes; large, standard, and extra-large, hence you can choose the perfect size for your pet.


  • It is hygienic. Very relaxing and comfortable. Has ample ventilation.It is hygienic. Very relaxing and comfortable. Has ample ventilation.


  • Has no urine guard.

2. MidWest Wabbitat

More often than not, most pet owners suffer from pet cages that are difficult to transport or move around. The fact that you are searching for an indoor crate does not negate the importance of probability.

This is why MidWest Wabbitat is ranked among the best when it comes to portability. It is a folding cage, that is very convenient and easy to handle. In terms of both assembly and disassembly, you will find both processes extremely effortless.

It has a secure slide latch on its front door that helps secure your rabbit inside the cage. Midwest Wabbitat also features a urine guard, as well as a plastic removable bottom for the sake of cleaning the crate.

To ensure comfort and ventilation, there is a grid mesh floor and wire walls. Your bunny will therefore be relaxed and comfortable at all times. Its durability, great ventilation, and other amazing features make this a really suitable choice.


  • It has great ventilation.
  • It is safe.
  • It is hygienic.


  • It is a bit pricey.

3. AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics falls under the category of some of the most budget-friendly cages you will come across. If you are working with a tight budget, then this product is sure to help you save.

With its affordability, this product still manages to deliver great quality. It is very easy to set up; it will take you a few seconds to set it up this home for your bunny. It is durable and suitable for small bunnies.

This durability is ensured by the iron metal used for its construction, which is rust-free. It is very light when it comes to weight, making it effortless to carry and move with. 

The construction of this cage is very firmly and strongly done, resulting in a very sturdy rabbit cage. In instances where you may want to store it for a while, it is capable of being folded flat to ensure compact storage.


  • It comes with a limited one year warranty.
  • It is foldable.
  • It takes seconds to set up.
  • It is durable.


  • It is not hygienic.

4. ToysOpoly Premium


For all your pet’s luxurious needs, ToysOpoly Premium will take care of them and ensure that your bunny has a serene and cozy home. If you tend to travel once in a while, this cage is perfect for you since it is perfect for indoors and traveling.

It is very spacious, so your rabbit can move around and explore its surroundings. It is made of a very firm steel frame that is covered with a waterproof material that makes the cage long-lasting.

Moreover, the bottom is also waterproof, and it is extremely easy to clean. A cage that makes it easy for you to remove your pet’s droppings and other dirty objects is very beneficial.

The mesh sides allow for ample airflow, as well as visibility. You can observe and interact with your pet, which is considered as bonding. This interaction is therefore a priority.

This cage gets points for creativity when it comes to the design of the doors. The doors on this cage are zippered, which is an interesting phenomenon since it facilitates safety and security.


  • Comes with a carrier bag for easy transportation.
  • It contains waterproof material.
  • It is secure.


  • It is difficult to set up.
  • Incapable of housing big rabbits.

5. Yaheetech Cage 

Yaheetech Cage is viewed as so much more than just an indoor rabbit cage. It is more of indoor habitat for your pet, a perfect substitute for its natural habitat. It is determined to ensure that all areas of your pet’s life are well taken care of.

Your pet can exercise, climb, and take part in any other activity it wishes to since it comes with more than enough space. It has a very breathtaking five-tier design, which makes it amazing to look at.

For easy cleaning, Yaheetech Cage has a slide-out tray that makes it effortless for you to clean it. The ramps that are incorporated are non-slip, and so you do not have to worry about your rabbit slipping and getting injured.

If you are in the market for a cage with a unique design, then you should consider this product. Unlike other cages, this crate ensures safety by including an efficient round-corner design.

Besides light weight and a compact size that often make portability easy, this cage also contains wheels, that make movement very smooth.

If you happen to own other small animals, besides a rabbit, this cage is capable of housing them as well.


  • It is durable and sturdy.
  • It has safety latches hence security.
  • The ramps are great for exercise.


  • Not suitable for large bunnies.

Buying Guide

Do not be fooled into thinking that finding an indoor cage for your bunny is a smooth operation. This is a task that requires your utmost dedication since we all know that good things are not easy to come by.

This buying guide aims to help you understand how to know which brand you should choose. Contrary to what most people may believe, choosing the best gear for your pet is a purely subjective process.

What works for another does not have to necessarily work for you. You have to factor in the fact that not all rabbits are the same. It is therefore these variations that constitute the factors you should contemplate before choosing a cage.

Take your time to get to know your pet and what works best for it since this will greatly influence your decision. Think of this indoor cage as your pet’s home, and therefore ensure that you give it the very best home.

Feeding your bunny

It is a non-arguable fact that food is a necessity for every living entity. Feeding your rabbit is an activity that takes place frequently and thus you require a cage that will make this task easy.

Various cages contain varying features to ensure that feeding your rabbit will be another bonding session as opposed to a stressful and involving activity.

A cage that comes with a sliding door is highly convenient since you can conveniently use it for feeding your pet. The front door can also prove to be very instrumental if it is wide and spacious.

Make your bunny’s feeding time an event to look forward to by choosing an indoor cage that makes this a flawless task. 

Think about hygiene

No one desires to live in a dirty and disgusting environment, and as a rabbit owner, it is upon you to avoid subjecting your bunny to such horrible conditions. As is the case with most chores, cleaning often requires us to have some kind of incentive.

This means that having a cage that is difficult to clean tends to discourage you from wanting to begin the cleaning process. The thought of having to struggle and go through a very tedious and frustrating exercise is bound to discourage anyone.

This is what leads to some pet owners having pets in unpleasant surroundings, not because they do not care, but because cleaning is a somewhat unthinkable task. To save you from this predicament, some cages are very hygienic.

They come with multiple features that make cleaning very easy. The first aspect you should be on the lookout for is a removable bottom. This makes it easy for you to maneuver when cleaning it.

Most of these cage bases are usually made of plastic, and your job is to make sure that you choose a crate that is made of plastic material that is easy to clean.

You have to keep in mind that for any pet equipment to be ideal, it has to make your work easier and not the opposite. Taking care of a pet is not all fun and games, and the least of your worries should be equipment that makes your work harder.

Besides an easy-to-clean material and a removable bottom, it is also primary to look for a cage that has a waterproof base.

A lot of people do not know this, but a waterproof base reduces the chances of staining that result from occasional spills during feeding. The less the dirt, the less the need to clean your pet’s cage.

Is it spacious?

You may think that space is a minute aspect that is of no importance, but this is not true. A cage that comes with ample space provides enough room for your pet to comfortably move around. 

Space determines comfort, and therefore limiting your pet’s space is likely to result in its discomfort. Remember that this is your rabbit’s home and therefore comfort is a key element you should guarantee.

Do you seriously expect your rabbit to sit all day? Choose a spacious cage so that your bunny can move around and exercise. Speaking of exercise, remember that your job is to not only provide a home but to also ensure that their health is top-notch.

This can be done by incorporating other tools that can help your rabbit exercise every once in a while. Besides your bunny’s health, this also helps your pet deal with the inevitable boredom.

An example of such exercising tools is a ramp. However, finding the perfect ramps for your pet is another involving task. 

Here, you have to ensure that you choose non-slip ramps since these prevent any instance of your bunny slipping and getting injured. Your pet is thereby able to climb and explore, which is a huge upside.

Your goal is to protect your bunny at all times and give it the very best, and its wellbeing should be your major priority.

Think about your pet’s safety

A pet is usually very dear to the owner’s heart, and it would be devastating to endanger it or put it in a position that threatens its safety. As a pet owner, you are in luck since various cages have effective safety features.

Do the doors have locks? This is an important question for you since locks help secure your pet and prevent any instances of your pet escaping or having any unwanted insects enter your rabbit’s premises.

Thereby, ensure that all the doors on the cage you are considering have locks since this guarantees one hundred percent safety and security. Apart from locks, there are other features on the doors that can help promote safety.

For example, if the cage contains zippered doors, this too is very convenient since it ensures your pet is safe and well taken care of. Therefore, the doors can either have locks or be zippered.

The latter, however, is a novel concept that most people may be tentative to try. If you do happen to go share this sentiment, then just go for a cage that has locks on all its doors.

Is it easy to move?

Movement entails portability. Most of you may be confused wondering why portability is a key factor yet this is an indoor cage. This is a valid thought, but having an indoor cage does not mean that you will not move it at all.

The most common activity that may lead to you moving your let’s cage is when you are cleaning around. When you are fatigued from cleaning other parts of your house, coming across a cage that is difficult to move is surely a nightmare, right?

The most common aspects that are considered for one to determine portability are weight and size. With the former, it is not rocket science that the lighter an object, the easier it is to move. This principle is therefore applied in this situation.

For size, you want a cage that is compact-sized, because this is easier to handle when compared to a large and bulky cage.

You may also want to be on the lookout for other aspects other than the two. For example, does the crate come with a bag? Some brands offer you a carrier bag that you can use whenever you need to move the cage.

Besides a bag, you can also find a cage that contains wheels. Wheels make movement so much easier. It is certainly easier to drag rather than lift, and hence a crate with wheels is more than convenient.

Portability and easy storage go hand in hand since a cage that is easy to store tends to be highly portable. Therefore if you are completely dedicated to finding a highly portable rabbit crate, how about going for a foldable one?

Foldable cages are extremely easy to store and transport since they can be folded flat and conveniently stored or moved. A foldable cage for your pet is therefore not a bad option at all.


Is the cage you are considering for your pet versatile? Versatility is a very broad topic, but it all boils down to giving you a wide palette to choose from and providing the user with the most convenience.

Any such cage that achieves this can be said to be extremely versatile, which is a critical aspect of any rabbit cage. Firstly, consider whether the cage is capable of being utilized for other animals other than bunnies. 

If it is, then this is a huge benefit, especially if you own multiple pets such as dogs and cats. This is because you can use it for your other person and save the money that would have been spent on their cages.

Moving on, does your cage come in various sizes? This is another point that informs versatility. The required or common sizes are often medium, large, and extra-large. 

Knowing your bunny’s size helps you choose the perfect cage size for it. The most appealing part of all this is the chance to choose what best works for your pet. 

This is so much better than a cage that comes in only one size as if telling you to take it or leave it. As the user, you deserve no such ultimatums but instead the freedom of choice, which is guaranteed by versatility.

Another angle to look at this from is whether you are both an indoor and outdoor type of person. Do you love staying in the house but also travel or go for the occasional walk with your pet?

If your answer is positive, then would you not love a cage that is both indoor and outdoor? This level of convenience is honestly fantastic since you therefore do not require an extra cage for traveling purposes.

This again proves how convenient and beneficial it is to have a cage that is versatile since it is all pros and no cons.


One look at all the factors listed above may have you despairing since it only proves how difficult of a task this is. However, the best part is that all you are required to do is to simply have them in mind when searching.

That is surely not such a difficult thing to do. I love bunnies, and if I were to pet one, I would certainly choose Living World Deluxe as its indoor cage. This is a crate that earns your trust from the very beginning.

It has a very phenomenal presentation and features that clearly show you that your pet’s wellbeing is this brand’s priority. With all the numerous factors above, you may be tempted to assume that no cage is capable of satisfying all of them.

However, you are wrong, because Living World Deluxe even surpasses the above-listed aspects. This is very impressive, and you are guaranteed that your bunny will receive the utmost comfort and reaction that it deserves.

An all-round cage is exactly what your pet deserves. One that is capable of satisfying its health needs, entertainment, comfort and so many more. 

Thereby, look no further, because this is the perfect cage for you. Go purchase your Living World Deluxe today!

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