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Best Bedding for Rabbits

What are the Top Bunny Cage Bedding Brands?

Are you concerned about your rabbit’s comfort when it comes to bedtime? Every owner could feel a particular way about where or how their pets should sleep. Due to preferences that vary depending on myriad factors, there will be a difference in the way we do things.

Does that mean some parents may not consider bedding for their rabbits? Indeed, some do not find it necessary to make linings around a bunny’s hutch. One of the reasons could be the pet’s litter training.

If you have litter trained your little friend, then you should notice ease in keeping their environments clean and fresh. Without it, there could be potty messes every once in a while, that will need to be cleared.

How can this affect the inclusion of their bedding? Litter trained bunnies have an easier time finding the right spot. If they will have bedding lined along their hutch or cage, then it could either get confusing where to do their thing or they may inevitably mess the sleeping area.

But what would a bunny’s habitat be without bedding? Comfort is critical if your little friend spends plenty of time in the hutch. Thanks to their availability in a variety of designs and brands, you can find bedding suitable for your rabbit.

Choosing the best product from what is available is a confusing process, which can also be tiresome. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best options you will come across and what you should keep in mind when shopping. 

Below are some of the best rabbit bedding:

1. GuineaDad— Fleece

At some point in a human baby’s life, a fleece blanket can be quite handy bedding, following that it is one of the most comfortable makes available. This product, therefore, should be a cozy addition to your bunny’s life. It features thick padding, with enough layers to deliver the best.

The layers make this bedding rise to a mattress’s equivalence. You should thus expect it to extend your bunny’s hutch in both length and width. This is a good choice for low-mess bedding that comes at an affordable price.

While your bunny is sure to get what you are hoping for with this bedding, you may be disappointed with the effort it leaves you and the time you will need to invest. Cleaning the fleece is not an easy task, and you may have to do it regularly. 

Nevertheless, that should not deter you from getting the best. Consider litter training. Rabbits that are not litter trained may do well with under-layers for urine absorption. U-haul and puppy pads can work well too; GuineDad has its waterproofed liner that you can also consider.


  • Made from natural materials
  • Removes odor
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Antibacterial
  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Dust-free
  • Made from natural materials
  • Removes odor
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Antibacterial
  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Dust-free


  • Extra laundry
  • You will need pet-friendly detergents

2. Aspen Bedding— Zoo

When looking through your options, you may want to consider the materials with which the beddings comprise of. You will notice that not all natural materials are suitable for rabbits, like cedar or pine, for their composition.

This product, therefore, provides a great choice among wood beddings. You may be happy that it does not contain phenols or oils that can be aromatic and even harm your little friend. A desirable feature, therefore, is that it is free from odor, and what is more, this bedding comes dust-free.

Summarily, this consideration may not fail you if material is of the essence, and in that case, something that will not cause harm to your bunny. It is made of safe wood and comes with no odor, dust, or toxic substances; it is eco-friendly.

Notable setbacks, however, are that this product is costlier than other options. You may also be disappointed with its absorption, which does not compare to fleece or paper-based bedding.


  • No toxic substances 
  • Eco-friendly
  • Dust-free


  • Costly
  • It does not have the best absorption

3. Yesterday’s News— Paper Pellets

Do you own a small rabbit and are thinking of the most suitable bedding for them? It could be paper pellets. If you like the idea of moisture and odor absorbent bedding, then this option could serve you well. Let us have a quick look at what you should expect.

As we have noted, this product offers great absorption for both moisture and odor. It also does not contain a scent of its own. The bedding was made with a small pet in mind, and thanks to being non-clumping, it should serve you well.

Summarily, you should think about paper pellets when hoping for an easier time maintaining your pet’s environment. Its lack of odor and the absorption, which also clears moisture, is what a small pet owner may find helpful.

A notable setback, however, is with its price, which you may find to be rather high.


  • Great moisture absorption
  • Odor control
  • Easy to clean


  • Pricey

4. Vitakraft— Crumble Paper

If comfort is your concern, then this could be another great bedding option to consider. Made of paper, this product provides a soft texture that most bunnies will find to be cozy. You may also be happy that it is eco-friendly.

Unlike other types, this bedding is made of 100% recycled paper. It is suitable for lining along a bunny’s cage or hutch. A premium brand of this product provides great performance but the same cannot be said about other models that are not as known or used.

You should, therefore, watch out for brands that can deliver a dusty crumbled paper. Nevertheless, you should expect a premium selection to offer great comfort for a rabbit’s feet and even better absorption. It is eco-friendly and controls odor.

Notable setbacks, however, are with the brands that come dusty. While its absorption is something any rabbit parent would desire, it may force you to regularly change, following that it gets heavy.


  • Great absorption
  • Soft and cozy
  • Odor control
  • Eco-friendly
  • Low dust


  • Some brands come dusty
  • Regular changing required

5. Oxbow— Pelleted straw

Does your rabbit nibble a lot? It is in their nature to. In that case, you may want to consider this bedding, which is a safe option for your rabbit and provides the absorption you are looking for, besides comfort.

Regular straw is not suitable for use as rabbit bedding. You should consider avoiding it, following that it does not have the comfort your rabbit could enjoy and you may not be happy with its absorption.

Pelleted straw, on the other hand, is a good alternative. An outstanding feature of this product is its 100% safety for ingestion. Should your bunny, therefore, consume much of it, there will be little to worry about.

Like any good bedding, it features low dust and has no fragrances or chemicals that could harm your pet. It controls odor and you can use it in compost.


  • No fragrances or chemicals
  • You can use it in a compost
  • Safe for ingestion
  • Odor control
  • Low dust


  • Pricey

6.RentACoop— Hemp

If you are concerned about not only your rabbit’s comfort but also safety, then you can consider this hemp option. It was designed to suit bunnies that love to nibble, ensuring that no harm comes to them, should they consume the product.

What is more, is that with this option, you also get a good smell, which is not common with most products on our list. The smell, as you would expect, is not too strong. This bedding also comes at an affordable price, which is rare among the products we have looked at.

It provides great absorption and you can use it for compost. Summarily, this product will serve well bunnies that love to nibble. It features good absorption and a nice smell, which is not too much. 

Notable setbacks are that compared to paper and fleece bedding, this is not the most comfortable option you will find. You may also notice that it can get messy.


  • Affordable price
  • Very absorbent
  • Has a nice smell
  • Can be used for compost


  • It is not the coziest option
  • It can get messy

Buying Guide

Your rabbit could do well with good bedding. When shopping for the best product, it is possible to get confused by not only your options but also what they have to offer. While you should keep in mind what to look for in bedding, it is as important to know what to avoid.

The market is full of more options than we have discussed. Most of what you will come across can appeal due to fairer prices or other factors. Safety, however, is an important consideration to make and with it, are some types of bedding that you may want to steer clear of.

Non-pelleted straws

Non-pelleted straws are good bedding for horses. With rabbits, however, it would be best to get something different. Some parents can confuse straws with hay. They are not; you will find that they make neither food nor bedding for rabbits.

Since bunnies love to nibble and chew, the stiff ends on the straws can hurt them. The nature of this material also, cannot make it easy for bunnies to sleep—they could poke the eyes, nose, or even ears. Straws are not absorbent and will, therefore, accumulate your pet’s waste.

Corn husks

Are you thinking of using corn husks? Do not. Your rabbit may not find this suitable bedding, following that it can easily mold. Your little friend can also experience stomach issues should they ingest, due to the hard cores and hair strands.

Cat litter

Cat litter is not a good consideration for your bunny’s bedding. You can use it around the rabbit’s toilet area but for only the purpose best suited for it. Your bunny may not find it ideal for rest due to the make and chemicals used, which are often deadly to consume.

Pine and cedar shavings

Another option you would want to avoid is pine and cedar shavings. While there is a controversy around their use, you may not find them to be good for a rabbit’s liver. Oils and phenols are also believed to be bad for their respiratory systems.

Kiln-dried pine shaving, however, provides a better option to the non-kiln dried type. This is because some harmful contents are removed through the drying, making it less harmful to your bunny. However, when looking for the best bedding, a type that has no health risks would be more suitable.


We have looked at some of the best available options of rabbit bedding to choose from. Whatever will serve your pet best, it is important that you ensure it remains clean. At least once a week (or more), check that your bunny’s hutch or cage is clean.

Your next cleaning, moreover, should not be determined by your schedule more than the need to keep water and any spilled food checked out of a bunny’s cage. Every day, keep an eye on them.

I hope you have enough information to make a purchase that will serve your bunny well. Get something they will not only love but is also safe, cozy, and within your budget. That said, happy shopping!

Bottom Line

Your rabbit’s bedding is one of the things you will have to think about when getting what they need for a complete habitat. Rest is as important to them as their games and when energy is low, a cozy place to rest could just be what they need.

When thinking of getting your bunny some bedding, there are considerations to make, like whether you have litter trained your pet or not. With all the available products, you may also want to consider what each brand has to offer.

Besides the best bedding that you can get your bunny, we have discussed some of the types that you should avoid. So, of what is in the market, what do you buy? I recommend the GuineaDad Fleece bedding.

It features thick padding, with enough layers to deliver the best. It extends a bunny’s hutch in both length and width and is a good choice for low-mess bedding. It also comes at an affordable price.

Buy the GuineaDad today!

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