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A Simple Hutch System

This simple hutch system was custom-built. The sides and roof are wood, while the floor is wire. As you can see, you can have several litters side-by-side.The hutch system looks pretty good, once the doors are on and it has a coat of paint.These are the first two litters these folk have had, and they only lost two out of 13. That’s not bad. The only problem with this kind of setup is keeping the hutches sanitized. With wire hutches you can burn the hair off with a weed burner and sanitize the wire at the same time. Because of the wood, that method isn’t feasible here.Often folks using this kind of setup have good luck at first then they start losing more litters and breeding stock later. Sanitation is usually the cause. Use lots of Lysol and clean the hutches and the nest boxes good between litters.see a little daylight showing through this hutch. Looks like this bunny has been chewing where he shouldn’t have been. Oh well, bunnies will do that. Perhaps lining the inside with wire would prevent it or maybe just giving her a piece of wood to chew on would do the trick. I always liked to give my rabbits something to stand on so they could get off of the wire. A nice size piece of lumber does a fine job for both a place to stand and something to chew on.

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