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Best Flooring for Rabbits

What is the Top Floor Covering for a Bunny Cage or Pen?

Are you considering flooring for your rabbit? You must have noticed how playful and energetic they can be. Rabbits, besides nibble around the house, nose, and even nudge. They love to explore and have fun, chewing, and scratching at furniture and belongings they come across.

Good flooring, however, should not only help with their maneuverability but also provide the comfort bunnies need. They have sensitive, yet active feet. Since flooring materials can differ in among other ways, texture, you may want to consider getting something smooth and comfortable for your pet.

Does your rabbit roam about free or spend the most time in a cage? Whatever the case, suitable flooring will go a long way in ensuring they move or relax with no strains or discomfort. If your bunny does not feel that the environment is ideal for their games or activities, they may not live their best lives.

How do you tell which flooring serves your rabbit best, providing what they need? You will come across plenty of options available and find that it can be confusing to settle on a particular brand. This is because each choice has something special to offer.

In this article, we will attempt to make the entire process pretty easy by recommending some of the top options that you should expect in the market. They are as follows:

1. Rugs and Carpets

Does your bunny love taking runs around the house most parts of the day? Then you could consider this option, which incorporates the use of rugs and carpets. Your pet may find them to be encouraging of play, runs, and even easy rest.

Rugs and carpets improve the quality of the underlying floor. Your bunnies should be safer from injuries, which often occur as a result of slides or slips on floors made of hardwood. With improved traction, your bunny can move with more ease and confidence.

Which rugs and carpets will serve your rabbit best? It may take time or require a little extra effort, but you will find those made of natural fiber to be what works best for not only your pet but also you. 

Natural fiber is okay for your rabbit to nibble, following that it is easier on the stomach, compared to plastics; generally, they are the safer option. Cleaning them can also be easy, which is a plus for you. In regards to cleaning, a darker color can help obscure stains.

Summarily, you may love this flooring option for its great traction, which will mean fewer injuries for your bunny. You should also find it safe, in case your little friend nibbles. The off-cuts are affordable and you can get them easily in most flooring stores.

Notable setbacks, however, are that the material should not be ingested in too many quantities and you may not find cleaning to be as easy when wet.


  • Great traction
  • Safe for fair chewing
  • Affordable off-cuts


  • GI stasis risk with too much chewing
  • Cleaning is not easy when wet

2.Vinyl Flooring

Do you own a rabbit hutch, cage, or playpen? Then this option may suit you well. You should find vinyl to be great for large areas, coming at an affordable price. Thanks to the ease of cleaning it, this material suits rabbit cages or playpens well.

Since you would want comfort and maneuverability coming first, you can place this flooring beneath your bunny’s enclosure. You only have to sweep to clean, thus it would be more ideal to place this under your bunny’s bathroom area. 

You do not want your rabbit ingesting the material, so it would be a good idea to extend a lip outside the enclosure. While this may not eliminate chances of chewing, your bunny will have lesser edges or corners to try.


  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for the litterbox area


  • Not safe to chew due to synthetic material 
  • No cushion for sensitive feet

3. Straws/Grass Mats

Does your bunny chew more than what our first two options can manage? Rugs and carpets, as we discussed, are safe to ingest, but too much natural fiber can cause GI stasis. Synthetic materials are, on the other hand, not safe for consumption. 

Some rabbits just cannot help but chew their flooring. You may have tried everything to deter them—toys, a different flooring option, and plenty of other possible alternatives, but noticed that your little friend just can’t stop. This untreated straw and grass mat option could be the life-saver you are looking for.

Your bunny should enjoy easy movement, thanks to the great carpet or rug traction. What is more, is that this option has been designed for a chewer, so they can nibble at or chew as much as they would like without fear of risks.

You may, however, want to watch the price, which can be high. It is also advisable to use the mats away from your bunny’s litterbox. They are not safe for consumption upon getting wet, following the high possibilities of molding. Should your pet urinate on the mats, it would be safe to dispose of them.


  • Suitable for heavy chewing
  • Great traction
  • High availability


  • Not durable
  • Easy molding when wet

Bottom Line

Your bunny can move around the house all day, playing and exploring. Good flooring helps make their maneuverability easier and more comfortable. This is due to their sensitive feet and also the fact that some surfaces can get slippery, injuring your pet on falls.

With flooring, however, there are considerations to make, like how much your rabbit chews and the material with which the flooring is made. We have discussed some of the available options and I would like to recommend that you get your rabbit Rags and carpets flooring.

You may love this flooring option for its great traction, which means fewer injuries. You should also find it safe, in case your little friend nibbles. The off-cuts are affordable and you can get them easily in most flooring stores.

Buy Rags and carpets today!

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