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Best Stackable Rabbit Cages

What is the Top Stacking Wire Pet Bunny Cage?

Rabbits are amazing creatures and love to have all the fun they can when they are not feeding. Any parent would be happy to watch them grow in a clean, healthy environment that the bunnies find to be comfortable.

If you own two rabbits, then you must be conscious of most importantly the space and comfort they get. You do not want to fit them into a little space or restrict their movement, activity, or make it hard for them to feed. 

A good rabbit cage that comes stackable provides about two levels, which are often customizable. On one hand, you can choose to enhance a single rabbit’s comfort by equipping the upper or lower levels with handy accessories. On the other hand, you can ensure that each of your two rabbits gets ample space and rests comfortably.

You cannot exhaust the designs of stackable rabbit cages that are available. They are made in line with plenty more factors than a rabbit’s age, size, and feeding in mind. Some are made to be more accessible, while others are designed to provide easier feeding, moving, and even disposing of waste.

In that case, you will come across many brands of stackable hutches for bunnies, with each product offering something unique. How do you choose the best from what is available? In this article, we are going to discuss some of the top products that you should expect and how to shop through your options. 

1. Trixie Natura

Unlike most top products that come at high costs, Trixie offers a more affordable solution, while not compromising on its delivery. You should get this product in two different sizes and three colors. This all-in-one cage has several entry and exit points.

You may find it to be good for both the outdoors and indoors. Customizing it is also easy, allowing you to choose between a house for two rabbits or one. A great feature is that this cage does not need much assembly, following that it is pre-built.

This cage generally looks good and should suit any home. It provides easy accessibility, with its loading options and several doors through which you can get your rabbit in or out with ease. It also features a ramp, granting two-level access to one rabbit.

Should you choose to use the locking gate, you will have two spaces available for use. This product should work well with any rabbit breed. It also features amenities that you may find to be beyond its price.


  • Available in two sizes and three color options
  • Easy access
  • Partially assembled
  • Dual-level with ramp
  • Locking grate for separating floors


  • It has a stacking limit of two floors


Are you looking for a quality stackable cage that will not cost you much? Not many products can offer that combination; Little Giant could be a good consideration. The ample space that you get adds more to why this can be a worthwhile purchase.

You may find that a 24” x 24” x 16” model will demand a lot of setting up. This product comes with, besides handy hardware, wire clip pliers, which help ease the assembly. This cage is heavy and durable. It weighs 8lbs of steel construction.

You should, therefore, rest assured that it will remain in shape, should it tip over accidentally, which could happen with higher stacking. You may love how easy it is to operate the spring tension door latch. Pinching accidents are prevented by the surrounding vinyl.

You may find this product to be a great base for building more cages with better comfort. It comes at a good price and while you may spend some extra money customizing, it does not strain your budget.

Notable setbacks are that this cage does not come with a collection tray and that you may want to cover the wire cage bottom with something soft for more comfort.


  • Durable frame
  • Large and spacious
  • Great price
  • Sturdy safety doors


  • It does not have a collection tray
  • You may want to cover the wire cage bottom with something soft for more comfort.

3. PawHut 

Coming third is a luxurious cage that comes with space enough for several bunnies. You should find this product to be ideal for eating, playing, and sleeping. You may love its comprehensive and compact design and at each level, features easy-access doors.

If you have several small rabbits or two adults that could use some comfortable space, then this cage could work well for them. Its enclosure is roomy enough for each rabbit to rest independently. Several small ones should also fit snuggly.

If you like the idea of a cross-over, then you can simply ensure that the dividing gate remains open. It provides two collection trays, not only easing cleaning but also promoting hygiene. This is generally an amazing product.

The features come at a price, but if you consider it, you may find the product to be worth it. An investment in this cage may not disappoint. If, however, you are working on a strict or tight budget, then you may be disappointed by how much it will cost you.


  • Suitable for two rabbits
  • Easy access
  • Easy cleaning 
  • Access ramp 
  • Catchy, compact design 


  • Pricey
  • It is not easy to assemble

4.Homey Pet — Open Top

Do you have large rabbits? You are probably looking for a cage that can manage their weight while providing both the comfort and durability they would need. This product could be a good consideration. It has been built with a roomy interior and provides open-top access.

You may love its sturdy construction, following that it features a heavy-duty metal build. You should rest assured that this cage will take care of what a small hutch cannot.

You may have to make a simple adjustment to where the collection tray is placed so that it suits rabbits perfectly since it was originally meant for dogs. You should also find it easily portable thanks to the possibility of mounting on casters. Considering this product’s single-tier 40lbs of weight, the casters come quite handy.

This cage’s bars have been well-spaced, which makes it more ideal for use both outdoors and indoors, with large rabbits. For rabbits that fall below 10lbs, a different hutch would do.


  • Large and spacious interior
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy access
  • Easy portability
  • It can stack up to 3 tiers


  • Wide bar spacing for small rabbits
  • It is heavy and features a difficult assembly

5. Homey Pet

You may love this product, which is similar to the former cage by Homey Pet. This model’s door is more rabbit-friendly and you may find its floor design to be more ideal for large rabbits. It is easy to clean, thanks to its collection tray, and a combination of front and top access doors.

Like the former model, you should find this product ideal for both the outdoors and indoors. It is also easily portable, making it easy to move with. Its durability is another winning point, coming in heavy-duty all-metal construction. As a result, you may find it to be heavy, at 60 lbs.

Generally, you will find this model to be the heaviest and largest option from the available options we have looked at. While it could serve your space needs optimally, you may need help setting it up and in assembly.


  • Large and roomy
  • Easy access
  • Easy cleaning


  • Large bar spacing for small rabbits
  • It is heavy and features a difficult assembly

Buying Guide

When shopping for the best stackable hutch to get for your rabbit, you may get confused by how the features could affect your pet. The available options also have varying features that you may not be well-versed with. You do not need much, however.

Comfort is an important factor to consider whenever shopping for a cage that you hope your bunny will love. If it is not comfortable enough, then they may face a difficult time letting themselves roam about freely and even play or get a peaceful rest.

A comfortable cage will feature plenty of design factors. More detail delivers more lush products, which will go a long way in ensuring your bunnies love using or being in them. Your rabbit’s age and size, however, could affect their preferences.

Large rabbits may do well in more roomy cages. The same would not be so relevant if you have small rabbits. Large rabbits, therefore, may be comfortable in enclosures with large spaces between bars. A small rabbit may find it difficult to stay in such a cage.

Since they also tend to get playful, bunnies may try their way out. If they can easily fit through the spaces between bars, then they will always be out before you even know it! For their safety and ultimate comfort, it would be good to purchase a product that will suit your rabbit’s age and size.

Access is another important factor to consider. If you find it easy to access the inner of your rabbit’s cage, then you should be a step closer to solving any hygiene concerns by easily and regularly cleaning the enclosure. 

Your bunny should also find it easy to move around the cage. If it has ramps or ladders, they should provide smooth and comfortable access cleaning is also important to consider, following that it arises from the ease in access.

An easy to clean cage is definitely more desirable. It should take you less time and hassle scrubbing and clearing the collection tray. A collection tray is important in cleaning since it will determine the amount of work you will have. When thinking of a collection tray, you should go for something deep enough to collect splashes.

A sturdy, durable product is ideal. You should be able to use your cage for long enough. Since rabbits are active pets, you will find a quality cage to be a life-saver. 

A good cage should provide ample space for your rabbits and allow easy customization. A stackable hutch will serve great purposes of housing more than one bunny. With customization, however, you can choose to connect both levels or keep your rabbits separate.

A good product should not compromise on its delivery due to customization or space. Additionally, go for a product you can afford. While it is good to have an idea of what the market offers, you do not have to strain your budget.

These considerations should help make a better choice on the cage to go for. I hope you find what you are looking for; happy shopping!

Bottom Line

You may have looked through many options of rabbit cages and been disappointed that they do not offer the amount of space or customization you are looking for. A stackable hutch could be one of the ways to provide the most for your rabbit on comfort, among other needs.

Due to their varied sizes, rabbits may have different preferences on the cages that will work best for them. The space between bars can, for instance, cause comfort concerns for small rabbits when, on the other, an adult rabbit would be comfortable.

We have discussed factors that are important to consider when shopping for the best stackable hutch. Among them are easy access, easy cleaning, and some generous space. A durable and affordable product should also be more ideal.

We have also looked at some of the best stackable hutches available. I would like to recommend the Trixie Natura cage. It looks good and should suit any home. 

The cage provides easy accessibility, with its loading options and several doors through which you can get your rabbit in or out with ease. It also features a ramp, granting two-level access to one rabbit.

Should you choose to use the locking gate, you will have two spaces available for use. This product should work well with any rabbit breed. It also features amenities that you may find to be handy and beyond its price.

There is no reason why you should not buy Trixie Natura. Buy it today!

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