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Cheap Rabbit Cages

What are the Top Budget Friendly Inexpensive Bunny Cages?

Rabbits are cute, interesting pets. If you have one, then you probably hold them close to you and your family. They have a way, like any family pet does, of lessening stress, lightening your mood, and being enviably free!

With rabbits, however, come varying preferences. Every owner has a way they would like to keep them. While some would find it easier and economical on space to have a rabbit hutch outdoors, some owners love to keep the attachment closer indoors.

Rabbit cages come in different makes, most serving varied purposes. You will notice that most considerations that you will have to make along the way will require specifications of your rabbit size and age.

Because of our different house sizes as well, these cages will have varying measurements. Those are not all the considerations you can or should make when shopping for the best rabbit cage. In this article, we are going to look at price, which is affected by more than just a cage’s brand.

There are plenty of rabbit cages available. Each has a different price tag for a reason. Before we can discuss factors can cause the effect, why don’t we have a look at some of the best products in the market?

1. MidWest Wabbitat Deluxe

Are you looking for a cage that is easy to set up and provides ample space? You may not go wrong with MidWest Wabbitat.

This product offers an option with ease in setting up, following that it does not require any tools. You may love the space that you get with the product and the comfort that comes along with it. What is more, is that it is customizable. With two provided extensions, you can always increase the size of this cage, should need be.

When sleeping time comes, you may find the extended area to be quite suitable for your bunny. What is more, is that this product is easy to clean. It features a gap mesh flooring of 0.5”. This makes it easy for your rabbit’s waste to pass and collect below without compromising on comfort.

The sliding tray promotes the cleaning process by allowing you to easily take it out and clear the waste. That is not all; you may love how elevated the feeding area is—this allows your bunny some privacy in their hidey-hole.

Are you going to need a hay feeder that matches the product? You should be happy that you are provided with one. A notable setback is that it is not ideal for large rabbits.

Summarily, this product is easy to set up, requiring no tools for it. It provides ample space for small rabbits and the comfort they will need. It is also customizable, with provided extensions for increasing the size of the cage.

It is easy to clean and features an elevated feeding area. This product comes with a matching hay feeder.


  • Easily portable (lightweight)
  • Easily collapsible
  • Easy cleaning
  • Affordable
  • Elevated feeding area
  • Available extensions
  • Hay feeder included


  • It is not ideal for large rabbits

2. MidWest Wabbitat 

Are you looking for an option to use when traveling or short-term? This could be a good consideration.

This product is easily portable, making it an ideal option for travelers. It has similar features as our top choice, following that they come from the same manufacturer. You should find setting it up to be as easy as taking it down—you do not need tools. Its lightweight design makes portability easy.

You may also be happy that it comes in a sturdy build, with a 0.5” wire mesh floor. Below is a leak-proof pan that you will find handy in collecting your bunny’s waste and easing cleaning.

This cage provides ample space for your bunny but not enough to establish permanent living; a larger cage would do in that case. If you are, nevertheless, hoping for something to use while traveling, then this could be the product for you.

Summarily, this product is easy to set up and take down. It is also lightweight and easily portable. It comes in a sturdy construction and is easy to clean.


  • Reasonable price
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easily portable (lightweight)
  • Easy set-up
  • Easy cleaning


  • It is not suitable for use as a permanent home

3. Prevue Pet 

Could you be interested in a classy feel for your rabbit’s cage? 

You may love this product’s classy touch. Unlike most cheap rabbit cages, it features a round-edged multi-level design. It should also easily fit into most rooms that you may be thinking of having your bunny in.

The installed casters on this cage make it possible to wheel it from one room to another as you look for a better fit. Once satisfied, you can make use of the wheel lock to keep the cage stable and avoid rolling.

It is easy to clean. Its powder coating makes messes and waste to easily come off. Underneath, is a 6.5” waste pan, which should ensure that no waste escapes. This is generally a good product and will serve you well as an overnight crate.

Summarily, you may find it easy to clean. It features a deep collection pan and wheel-locking casters.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Deep collection pan
  • Wheel-locking casters
  • Great design


  • Permanently installed casters
  • Costly 

4. Ware Home

Are you looking for a simple cage? It is perhaps all you need at times. This product could be a good consideration, with its two-piece design. You may find it easy to clean, coming with a wire cage that is powder coated and a thick plastic drop pan.

Due to its simplicity, you should find it easy to move with your pet in this cage. It, however, only provides short-time housing. If you are looking for a more permanent home, then you may be disappointed.

It does not come with a tray for waste collection at its bottom, which can make cleaning difficult. You may also find the size to be too little. It features a single door, which affects easy and comfortable movement in and out of the cage.

Summarily, this is a good simple option to carry your rabbit in and for other temporary (short-term) housing needs. If you are headed out, perhaps to the vet or for a jaunt, then it could serve you well.


  • Short-term housing
  • Simple
  • Very cheap


  • It is not suitable for long-term housing

5. Living World

Are you looking for a spacious cage that comes at an affordable price? Then this could be a good consideration, available in standard, large, and XL sizes. The Living World XL model will provide a permanent home for your rabbit.

It features easy access, with a wide top door. What is more, is its feeding balcony, which comes elevated, with an attached feeder and burrow. You may, however, not find this cage to be as easy to clean.

It does not have a separate waste pan or mesh flooring. This makes it difficult to collect your rabbit’s waste, which could raise hygiene concerns. You may also find the accessories provided to be less compatible with this cage.

Nevertheless, it is a great spacious product at the right price. Its top door is wide enough for easy access and its feeding balcony is elevated, with an attached feeder and burrow. Its design could do with some improvements to ease the collection of waste and promote hygiene.


  • Large and spacious 
  • Elevated feeding area
  • Easy access


  • It is not easy to clean
  • Its accessories are incompatible 

6. AmazonBasics 9013-1 

Are you hoping for more options on large cages? This could be another consideration, although you may not find it as big as Living World. The space you get, however, should be comfortable and sufficient for medium-sized and small rabbits.

You should expect an elevated balcony with this product, which your rabbit may love, besides the private hideaway burrow. What is more, is that the top and front doors provide easy access into the cage, which also comes with handy accessories.

You may love that at a low price, you will be getting useful features with this product. You may be disappointed with its build, which is not as sturdy as you would expect. The accessories provided also are either incompatible with or do not match the cage.

Summarily, you should be happy with the large size that you get, which means ample space. Its balcony has a burrow and the cage provides easy access.


  • Large and roomy
  • Its balcony has a burrow
  • Easy access


  • Cheap construction
  • Incompatible accessories

7. Kennel-Aire

Are you looking for a cage that is easy to customize? You may want to consider this product, which features a bare-bones make. It not only looks good but will also easily fit into most rooms. You can set the interior to match your bunny’s requirements, with no hassle at all.

This product’s mesh flooring makes cleaning easy. You will also find the removable plastic tray to be handy in waste collection, promoting seamless cleaning. The same, however, sources a setback. This product’s tray (for waste collection) comes pretty shallow, with no splash guard for urine.

Cleaning the cage would be entirely hassle-free but for the fact that you will also have to check that the surrounding areas are clean. Its wheel casters are a good addition but they do not lock, meaning that it can easily lose balance. 

You may find that the space provided is not enough for your bunny’s comfort, with food dishes and other additions into the cage.

Summarily, this product looks good. It features a mesh floor along with a removable collection tray. It is easily customizable, thanks to the product’s bare-bones setup.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Mesh floor with a collection tray
  • Easily customizable


  • Shallow collection tray with no splash guard
  • Small size, with non-locking casters

8. Ferplast 57072570 Krolik 

This is another product whose space may serve your rabbit’s needs of a permanent home. You may love its size and that the hutch can be made of wire or wood. This product additionally features an elevated feeding area with no burrow.

Your rabbit’s eating place should, therefore, be clean. Not many products above provide compatible accessories. Ferplast makes the worth of its accessories and while it is a good and sturdy product, it can disappoint on a few points.

It is not easy to set up, so you may spend some time trying to figure your way out. You may also not like that it does not provide a separate waste collection. If your rabbit is not litter-trained, you may face a hard time with this. It does not have a burrow, which would take hygiene a level higher.

Summarily, you may love that this product is large and spacious. It comes in a sturdy build and has handy accessories.


  • Large and spacious
  • Sturdy construction 
  • Handy accessories


  • It does not have a separate waste collection 
  • Difficult to assemble

9. Kaytee 100523397

If you are looking for something simple with just enough space for a little bunny, then you could consider Kaytee. It does not match up to most of the preceding products in this list but it provides ample space for your small rabbit. You may also be happy with the safety ramp, provided for easy access to the second level.

What is more, is that your bunny gets a clean area to feed and a decent hay manger. It also includes an EZ Clean System and overall, a great design concept. The product’s delivery, however, tends to disappoint.

Due to low structural support, this cage’s second-story balcony can easily bend; it’s flimsy. You will notice little difference in the cage’s overall sturdiness—its plastic and wiring easily bend. Besides that, you may also not find it as easy to set up.

The lack of a top-loading door is another disappointing point, which could complicate taking your bunny out of the cage. Summarily, you may love this product’s generous size and safety ramp. Remember also that it comes with an EZ Clean System.


  • EZ Clean System
  • Safety ramp
  • Generous size


  • Flimsy
  • Difficult to set up


Are you looking for a rust-resistant cage? This could be it. It does not match up to what other products in our list offer, however. Entirely made from galvanized metal, you should find it resistant to rust. Its size, however, is not as generous as you would expect of a permanent home. 

Since it does not come with accessories, you will have to purchase whatever you feel your rabbit would do with. It does not have a feeding area, which can be disappointing. It also does not provide a balcony or collection tray for your bunny’s waste.

You should expect some assembly equipment like a metal ox cage and clips. You will, however, need to purchase a tool for working the clips. This cage is nevertheless, useful. If you are thinking of moving rabbits from one place to another, perhaps a pet store to their new home, then it could work well.

Summarily, it is a cheap option, with a simple make. Its galvanized metal material prevents rusting.


  • Rust-resistant
  • Simple
  • Cheap


  • It does not come with accessories
  • Not ideal for both temporary and permanent homes

When thinking of buying a rabbit cage within a fair price range, you should consider its quality. Do not compromise on its delivery for a good price because if you do not purchase what works best for your bunny, then it will be a loss at the end of the day.

Therefore, remember to go for a sturdy construction. Simple is better but do not compromise on quality. A roomy cage is helpful, and one with handy, compatible accessories is worth consideration. 

You may also want to consider the ease in customization, cleaning, and setting up. When shopping through your options, weigh what each product offers against what works best for you. 

Bottom Line

To have your rabbit closer to the family, you may find an enclosure to be quite helpful. Every bunny owner, however, has their product preferences. While some may go for outdoor hutches, others prefer indoor cages.

More factors could affect your ideal choice of product. What you should consider above all, nevertheless, is price. We have discussed some of the best rabbit cages that come at an affordable price.

I would like to recommend the MidWest Wabbitat. It is easy to set up, requiring no tools for it. It provides ample space for small rabbits and the comfort they will need. It is also customizable, with provided extensions for increasing the size of the cage.

It is easy to clean and features an elevated feeding area. This product comes with a matching hay feeder. Its extended area provides ample resting space. What is more, is that it features a gap mesh flooring of 5”.

There is no reason why you should not get the MidWest Wabbitat cage; buy it today!

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