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Can Rabbits Eat Watermelon

Is it Safe for Bunnies to Have Watermelon Rind?

In recent years, more dietitians have said a lot about the nutritional benefits of eating watermelon. Have you been wondering if you could share some of your watermelon recipes with your lovely critters? Will Rabbits eat watermelon, or will they avoid it? Find out the answer to these questions and many more as you read further in this article. 

Watermelon comprises 92% water and many important nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamins B1, B5, B6, antioxidants, amino acids, lycopene, and vitamin C. It also contains essential minerals such as potassium and magnesium. In addition to providing people with all these nutrients, watermelon can also help hydrate the body, improve hair growth, reduce inflammation, prevent macular degeneration, easy digestion, and many more.  

Do Rabbits Eat Watermelons?

Yes, Rabbits do enjoy a meal of watermelon.  However, it is not their staple food, or best rabbit food, as they depend more on hay, quality pellets, and leafy vegetables as an important part of their diet. Like any fruit that is safe for rabbits’ consumption, it should only be given in small amounts as a treat, alongside logic and puzzle games if your pet likes it.  

While nutritious and high in the water, as we mentioned already, it also contains a lot of sugar.  Bunnies should not be fed with too much meals rich in sugar and starch, as they can cause cecal dysbiosis, enterotoxemia, and other stomach problems. In addition, rabbits rely on high-fiber foods to improve digestion, reduce furballs, and wear down overgrown teeth.  Although, this fruit doesn’t have enough fiber like hay.

How to Give Watermelon to a Rabbit

When we give fruits to a rabbit, it is usually an occasional treat and not a staple diet. All you need is a little slice of watermelon, and you don’t have to feed it every day.  Also, bear in mind that rabbits need around a teaspoon of fruit per two pounds of their body weight daily. This formula should guide you a hint as to the quantity of food that is required by your bunny. Therefore, a medium-sized rabbit may need 2 inches by 2 inches weekly.  

Remove all the seeds from the watermelon before feeding the bunny with it, and after introducing the meal to your bunny, you will need to observe its stools for 24 hours. If this causes light stools or diarrhea, return to your rabbit’s habitual diet, avoiding fruits and vegetables, until there is a remarkable improvement in its health condition. 

Make sure the watermelon is fresh.  Avoid pale-looking ones.  It is better to give an unripe watermelon to the rabbit than wilted ones.  It is much better to look for fresh ones.  Finally, take care to prevent the liquid from the watermelon from getting on the rabbit fur, as it will make it dull, filthy, and dirty. More attention should be paid to this, especially when dealing with rabbits with long coats, e.g., angora rabbits.

Can Rabbits Feed on the Leaves, Skin, Rind, or Seeds of a Watermelon?

According to the information published on, it was noted that rabbits could not properly chew. For this reason, therefore, there may be an intestinal obstruction in the pet. Since rabbits do not regurgitate their meals like cats and dogs, this food can strangle them. Similarly, according to, it was noted that little white seeds might be allowed to remain in the watermelon. Still, for safety the safety of your rabbits, remove the seeds or purchase seedless watermelons.

Rabbits also feed on the watermelon rind, i.e., the whitish part that comes immediately after the red one.  This is much better because it is less sugary, more fibrous, and contains more citrulline amino acid, making it more ideal for consumption than the red part. 

Can Rabbits eat the Watermelon Skin?  

Rabbits will eat the skin of a watermelon if they get the chance to.  However, it would help if you cut it into smaller pieces to make it easier for them to eat.  This ensures that your bunnies do not end up choking themselves with the melon’s hardback. Finally, you can also feed the rabbits with the leaves or herbs of watermelon since they are not poisonous.  It can help them in their continuous chewing exercise, which is necessary for grinding their teeth to shape. 

Nonetheless, regardless of the part you are feeding the rabbit with, whether the rind, skin, or the red part, make sure that you abide by the recommended portion for your rabbits per feeding session.

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