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Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes

Is if Safe for Bunnies to Have Tomatoes?

Rabbits seem to enjoy eating snacks. This makes it a common occurrence for their owners to give them snacks humans are comfortable eating. It might seem like rabbits are comfortable eating foods that are meant for humans. Nonetheless, there are food items that rabbits should not take even though they are good for humans. This has made lots of people wonder if it is safe to give their rabbits tomatoes.

Before providing an answer to the question “can rabbits eat tomatoes,” we should know what rabbits are and what the best rabbit foods consist of.

About Rabbits

Rabbits are cute little animals that have furry exterior and are known for hopping from place to place. Although more prevalent in shades of white, black, and brown, rabbits come in various colors. Sometimes they are a combination of these colors.  In addition to coming in different colors, they also have different sizes and shapes.

Rabbits have various features. Of these different features, their long front teeth and large ears are the most prominent. Their teeth never stop growing. They, therefore, need to be filed occasionally. This can be done naturally, as well as through non-natural means.

What Do Rabbits get from a Balanced Diet?

When a rabbit eats a healthy diet, there are certain nutrients it gets from this diet. Just like other living things, for rabbits to live at their optimum and have perfectly functioning organs, they need a perfect blend of the right minerals, vitamins, and nutrients.

Rabbits are able to eat certain foods that are good for humans. However, their nutritional needs are different from those of humans.

Ideally, what is a Rabbit Diet Made Of?

Adult rabbits feed on various foods. They, however, get a majority of their nutrients from hay. This meal is rich in fiber and contains little calories. Also, it is good for the rabbit’s digestive system.

Apart from high-quality hay, rabbits also feed on fruits, vegetables, and commercial pellets. Although rabbits generally feed on fruits and vegetables, they will not benefit from every single fruit and vegetable. You, therefore, will need to know the fruits and vegetables that are safe for them.

Basic Details about the Tomato

A lot of people categorize tomato as a vegetable. The truth, however, is it is a fruit. It is a berry and falls into the same family like eggplants, chili peppers, and potatoes.

There are various varieties of tomatoes. Of these varieties, the most famous are those that get used during cooking. They are juicy, red, and large.

Tomatoes might be popular as red. Nonetheless, they come in yellow, purple, orange, and green. They also come in various sizes and shapes.

What is the Nutritional Content of Tomatoes?

Before deciding if tomato is good enough for rabbits, you must know its nutritional value. Generally, tomatoes have different health benefits and nutrients that rabbits need. 

  • They are rich in potassium, which goes a long way in preventing low potassium levels and hypokalemia
  • They have fiber, which lowers GI challenges and also aid in digestion. 
  • Not so rich in fat
  • They are high in lycopene, an antioxidant that stops the cell from getting damaged. 
  • They are in vitamins B6, C, and A.
  • They can also keep rabbits very hydrated because of their water content.

Are Rabbits Comfortable with Tomatoes

A good number of rabbits will not refuse tomatoes when they are given one. However, the fact that they eat tomatoes does not imply it is an ideal food for them.

Although there are foods that humans can eat, rabbits cannot. Tomatoes is not one of these foods. Tomato is considered safe for rabbits when consumed in moderate quantities. Beyond moderate amounts, rabbits could develop problems when they eat a lot of tomatoes

As herbivores, rabbits do a lot better when their meals are low in fat and sugar and rich in fiber. They can get their fiber requirement from plants. One of these plants is hay.

There are various ways hay is beneficial to rabbits.

  • The first is they help the rabbit’s digestive system function perfectly. They work just like fiber supplements in humans.
  • Secondly, it goes a long way in naturally filing rabbit teeth and also keeping them healthy. The ability of hay to file rabbit teeth is of utmost importance as their teeth never stop growing.

So, when fed the right tomatoes and in the right quantity, rabbits can have tomatoes. Feeding on tomatoes can cause rabbits to be sick if they feed on the wrong tomatoes or eat these tomatoes more frequently than they should.

Can Rabbits Feed on the Other Parts of the Tomato Plant?

The tomato plant has various parts. Some of these parts, its flowers, stems, and leaves contain solanine, and alkaloid chemical. This chemical is able to produce a substance known as tomatidine when in the GI tract of a rabbit.

When taken by a rabbit, this toxin could lead to health challenges.

Are Cherry Tomatoes Good for Rabbits

Generally, rabbits will do well with cherry tomatoes. In addition to cherry tomatoes, yellow tomatoes can also be eaten by rabbits in safe quantities.

While feeding your rabbit cherry tomatoes, ensure you do not exceed moderation. When the frequency of eating this tomato becomes high, there might be a health issue. Furthermore, avoid giving your rabbit the green parts of this tomato.

Best Way to Feed Rabbits with Tomato

Now that you are certain rabbits can feed on tomato, you should know the exact way they should eat this fruit.

When serving your rabbit tomatoes, you must pay a lot of attention to size. You will be getting it all wrong and endangering your rabbit when you serve the wrong size.

The right portion of tomato to be served to your rabbit is dependent on the size of the rabbit. Averagely, a tomato of cherry size should be given your rabbit about twice a week. You must avoid doing this daily.

This means tomatoes should only be used when giving your rabbit a special treat. If you fail to serve it this way, you will have to get prepared for digestive issues, as well as various health challenges.

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