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New Kwik-Build Cages
Bass Equipment's new Kwik-Build Cages allow you to build cages without special tools. Kwik-build cages can be disassembled without tools as well. Opens a new window on the Bass Equipment web site.

New VHD/RCD Outbreak in Utah Confirmed
The second outbreak of the deadly rabbit disease in the United States has been confirmed by the USDA/APHIS.

Review of Taking Care of Your Rabbit
Need an inexpensive, short book on pet rabbits for your children? Read the review of Taking Care of Your Rabbit to find out if it's the book for your kids.

Gearing Up for the Heat
Summer heat can be deadly for rabbits. Diary of a New Rabbit Breeder has a few ideas on how you can keep your rabbits cool when temperatures climb.

Saving Wild Baby Rabbits
It's the time of when people (or their dogs) start finding wild baby bunnies in their yards. Here's what to do--and what not to do--if you're in that situation.

How to Make a Hay Rack
Grass hay makes for a healthy bunny. Here's a quick and easy way to make a hay rack to hold the hay and free up space in the cage.


New VHD/RCD Outbreak in Utah Confirmed
Rabbit Vaccine Developed for Two Deadly Diseases
New Organization for Rabbit Meat Industry Professionals
Hopping Start: New Web Site for Commercial Rabbit Breeders