The Best Vape Units For Beginners

Vape mods continue to soar in global popularity. In fact, these units truly help enhance the vape smoking experience. The best vape mods also have longer-lasting batteries, along with convenient switches. This allows you to effectively control your nicotine or flavor-vaping experience. Like e-cigs, vape mods only emit vapor and mist. This means there are never any harmful toxins or carcinogens like traditional cigarettes. Similarly, the power input and output controls allow users to set the amount of vapor the need. With this mind, countless smokers have — and continue to — switch over to vaping units. This has helped them improve respiratory performance while quitting traditional cigs altogether.

The Best Vape Mods for Novices

With so man vape mods on the market these days, how does one select the right product or brand? According to vaping professionals, it simply depends on your personal taste and preference. For example most beginners opt for smaller mods, which are less expensive. They also have shorter battery lives with fewer features –but are a cost-effective way to try out different flavors. Similarly, seasoned vapers will usually go for the big brands with more accessories and features. These units also have a wider array of vaping flavors to choose from. With this in mind, here are some of the best vapes for beginners or those that are just now switching over from traditional cigs.


Madvapes is a true leader in vape mod units and accessories. In fact, they showcase a range of batteries and units starting at just $40. Most batteries have 3.7V but can go as high as the 5v range. The latter is perfect for seasoned vapers, while basic or slightly enhanced mods are great for starters. Madvapes mods are designed with user-friendly features and truly enhance the vaping experience. Most units resemble pen designs, along with e-cigs that resemble actual cigarettes. The brand also features several cartridges, refill kits and much more at cost-affordable prices.

Ecig Mods

Ecig Mods are another top brand in the vaping realm. They always feature a wide array of special promotions and sales. Whether for novices or veteran vapers, Ecig Mods is the perfect way to enjoy vaping at work or home. With convenient refill kits, USB-chargeable batteries, and plenty of flavors — these mods are guaranteed to meet all your needs on time and budget.

eGo Mods

eGo is a reputable and seasoned name in the vape mod and e-cig industry. With units starting at $46, the company is known for its 2 or 3 in 1 specials. This means you get the mod unit itself, along with batteries, flavor kits, refill kits, USB and much more. Remember, batteries are the main difference between mods and traditional e-cigarettes. Vape mods are designed with batteries that last longer than e-cig units. With this mind, eGo offers additional batteries so that you can enjoy vaping at any time — on the go or at home.

Riva Vape Mods

Riva is also a popular brand within the vaping and e-cig industry. Riva products are designed for consistency and performance across the board. This means you get pure vaping enjoyment without having to worry about consistently recharging the batteries. Riva single-battery kits are also incredibly affordable and convenient for on the go. These units feature one battery, one disposable tank, USB, and black zipper case. This product is perfect for beginners that are switching over from traditional e-cigs or actual cigarettes. Riva continues to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews as well.

These are some of the best vape mods to consider for beginners. There are so many other brands on the market as well. However, it may take some trial and error before you settle in on the right product. Vaping is an acquired taste that is enjoyed by millions of people across the world. While e-cigs are relatively the same, vape mods tend to have more features and flavors. This is very similar to e-cig liquids, which too come in a variety of flavors and tastes.

For more information on finding the right vape mods to meet your needs, simply check the Web or visit your local tobacco shop today. You can also speak to friends for product suggestions –but it will up to you to make the final decision.