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Selling Rabbits as Pets

When selling rabbits as pets, you must realize that the customers probably have little or no experience with rabbits. You must advise them about the care, feeding, etc., of their new pets. Provide an information sheet or packet, and let customers know that if they have a question about their rabbits, they should call you no matter how insignificant they feel the question may be. Instill in them the fact that quick action can save a rabbit's life. Be prepared to answer a bombardment of questions.

Explain to them why you cannot sell that cute, tiny baby that's not yet weaned from its mother. Likewise, a reputable breeder would never sell an animal knowing that it had either a disease or a genetic fault that would hamper the animal's quality of life as a pet. Ethics is what we practice when no one is watching.


Encourage customers to have the housing (cage) set up before they bring a rabbit home. If they insist on having a second rabbit, be sure they have a second cage set up. Let them know that rabbits are territorial and each must have its own cage.

Give customers guidance about water bottles and bowls or feeders. Rabbits need to be fed only once a day. The same time every day is preferred. Water, pelleted feed, and grass hay is all they need! All other foods are considered treats and should be fed as such, only occassionally, or it can cause problems in a rabbit's digestive system that can lead to its death. Talk to your customers about good and bad treats for bunnies.

If customers' expectations are too high, set them straight. They need to know that a rabbit isn't a cat or dog. Rabbits like to chew, so customers must bunny-proof their homes or the rooms in which they will let the rabbits run loose. Don't forget to tell them to supervise their bunnies if the bunnies roam the house!

Some customers will pick out their rabbits in minutes, while others will take hours. Be patient, and remember that you cannot be sure of the show quality of rabbits you've sold--they may have even been potential champions.

If the rabbit doesn't work out for any reason for the customer, agree to take the rabbit back. This will ensure that the animal will be taken care of properly rather than being turned loose into the wild or in some other equally inapropriate fashion. I try to find another home for the rabbits I take back or do whatever must be done to establish a quality life for them. Some of the rabbits I keep. You never know--you could get back an animal that may still be useful in your breeding program.




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