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Rabbit Production, 8th Edition
by J. I. McNitt (Editor)
(Interstate Printers & Pub., 2000)
192 pages
ISBN: 0813431670

This book is an in-depth look at every aspect of raising rabbits. From the origin and history of the rabbit to its many and various uses, Rabbit Production, 8th Edition describes in detail the pitfalls and hardships as well as the fun and enjoyment of raising rabbits that all rabbit breeders in many different countries experience. To that end, this book shows how rabbits are raised around the world, with adjustments that breeders have made to accommodate and facilitate the proper care and feeding of their herds.

You'll find information on every aspect of raising rabbits in Rabbit Production, 8th Edition. If you wish to know anything about the rabbit, whether the topic is nutrition, general care, or diseases and treatment, you'll find an answer in this book. I cannot say enough about it, and I believe if you are interested in the proper care of rabbits that this book belongs in your personal library.

If I had only two books about rabbits they would be: The Standard of Perfection from the American Rabbit Breeders Association (A.R.B.A.) and Rabbit Production, 8th Edition. Read this book cover to cover and see if you don't agree.




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