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Guide to Owning a Rabbit
by Anne Lindsay
(TFH Publications, 1997)
64 pages
ISBN: 0793821568

By Kim Fryer
The Baby Bunny Pages

This short book is an introduction to having a rabbit as a pet. While it's not an extensive reference, Guide to Owning a Rabbit does serve as an easy-to-read guide for the first-time owner. You can go through the entire book in under an hour.

Readers are given good advice how to pick a rabbit based on their needs and are provided with an overview of what to expect from their new pets in terms of behavior. Readers will also learn the rudiments of how to handle, feed, and house rabbits. Topics such as litter-training and neutering or spaying rabbits are broached, but not covered at any length. The book doesn't have much content on health issues, but it does give a checklist of rabbit behaviors that should trigger a trip to the vet, which is really useful.

Although Guide to Owning a Rabbit includes sections on breeding and showing rabbits, not enough information is given on these topics, even for newbies. Both topics are covered in only five pages! If you're looking for a good introductory book on breeding and exhibiting rabbits, Your Rabbit: A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing will probably serve your needs better.

What I like best about this book are the excellent production values. Guide to Owning a Rabbit is just plain fun to flip through and gorgeous to look at. The glossy, four-color pages feature a good number of rabbits. While the book doesn't have anywhere near as many photos as the Encyclopedia of Pet Rabbits, the rabbits are just as beautiful.

If you have any experience with rabbits, this book probably won't be your cup of tea. But if you're thinking about getting your first pet rabbit, Guide to Owning a Rabbit is a nice introduction. With a suggested retail price of under $7 in the United States, it's well worth the money. Likewise, if you know someone who has a new rabbit or is about to get one, this book makes a handy gift.


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