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Your Rabbit: A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing
by Nancy Searle (Storey Communications, Inc., Pownal, Vermont, 1992)
ISBN: 088266767X

Although Your Rabbit is aimed at younger readers, it contains a lot of good advice about caring for rabbits, whether they're pets or show animals. You'll get guidance on selecting the right rabbit for you, feeding and housing it, and taking care of its health, as well as information on how to breed rabbits, show them, and run a rabbitry. The book is easy to read and loaded with useful tips, such as how to prepare a first aid kit for your rabbits. Or the easy way to make a hay rack.

The section on housing is particularly good. You'll learn how to build your own cage or hutch, step by step. Copious illustrations, along with advice on materials to use and where to get them, makes this section of the book worth the price all by itself. If you're not the handy sort, never fear--you'll also get guidance on how to buy the best hutch for your rabbits.

The section on health covers some of the more common ailments that rabbits can suffer from--such as coccidiosis and sore hocks--and how to treat them. Perhaps the book goes a bit overboard here--the health section includes how to lance an abscess, which is not something that should really be attempted by new rabbit owners or children. This is an ailment that is usually best handled by a vet, due to the difficulty in discharging and cleaning an abscess. In my opinion, if you have a rabbit as a pet, you're best off taking your pet to a vet for diagnosis and treatment, rather than trying to care for a sick or hurt rabbit on your own.

The book also gives advice on how to breed rabbits and care for pregnant does and their offspring. You can tell the author has had experience in this area--she has some great tips for fostering newborns and warming a chilly baby.

For those who are new to showing rabbits, Your Rabbit gives a brief overview of how the typical show works and how to prepare your rabbits. While the book doesn't talk about shows to any real depth, it gives sufficient information on showing to get a novice started.

This book is a good choice for anyone, young or old, who is a new rabbit owner or who is just getting into the rabbit show world.







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