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This slim, four-color book is aimed at children who have a rabbit or two as a pet. At 32 pages, Taking Care of Your Rabbit gives a quick overview of the topics most pet owners need information about, such as how to feed, house, and handle a rabbit. The book is very easy to read, so most children over nine or ten years old will have no problems understanding it. The four-color photos and attractive text layout make it a fun book. Parents who want to bone up on their children's pet will be able to read through the book in a matter of minutes.

Of course, a book this brief book does little more than introduce topics. For example, the four-page section on health and illness identifies only a dozen or so rabbit ailments. In most cases, the book recommends you take your rabbit to the vet if something appears to be wrong.

The four-page section on feeding covers rabbit pellets, suggesting that readers feed a rabbit a cupful of pellets a day. This is not necessarily good advice because it doesn't take into account the rabbit's breed, size, or age. The book does, however, recommend that rabbits have access to unlimited hay and water, which is great advice.

This section on feeding also claims that rabbits won't overeat. What this section doesn't say is that house rabbits are capable of becoming obese, especially ifthey are allowed to eat a lot of pellets or if they receives a lot of treats. And that obesity can lead to many health problems in rabbits, just as it does in humans.

The section on breeding is one page long and appropriately named "Unexpected Babies." It merely recommends that readers not breed pet rabbits and directs them to other books if their does get pregnant. If you need more information on taking care of a pregnant doe and her resulting litter, try Your Rabbit instead. That book covers breeding and gives wonderful advice on just about every other rabbit care issue.

Still, this pretty little book is a nice introduction for kids who want or have a new pet rabbit. With a suggested retail price of under $6, Taking Care of Your Rabbit might be the least expensive item you buy when getting a rabbit as a pet.






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