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Rabbits: A Consummate Video Guide to Responsible Care & Enjoyment
by S.E.I. Distribution

This entertaining video is a handy resource for anyone who has a pet bunny. While books can tell you how to care for a rabbit, this one-hour video will show you. You'll see how to best pick up and hold a rabbit, set up your rabbit's cage, and feed your pet.

Rabbits covers a good range of topics: what you need to buy for your new pet; how to rabbit-proof your pet's new surroundings; how to care for your bunny's health, including symptoms of common health problems; what bunnies should--and shouldn't--eat; and how to make sure your rabbit gets enough exercise.

Infused with a quirky sense of humor--that sometimes gets a tad corny--the video is a fun way to pick up tips on how to take care of a pet rabbit. As an added bonus, it comes with a medical guide, a pocket-sized booklet that describes health issues a rabbit can face along with advice on how to what to do with them. Still, the best advice in the booklet was summed up in the last paragraph: "Don't play Russian Roulette with your Pet Pal's health by waiting or guessing about what it might be. Prompt, proper medical care is your obligation and duty as a responsible pet owner."

This video is part of the Pocket Pet series of video guides for small animal care. S.E.I. Distribution also produces videos about caring for guinea pigs, ferrets, rats, chinchillas, gerbils, and hamsters.







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