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A number of rabbit-based sites are available on the Web. The following are among the best ones available and are rich with resources. If you haven't visited them yet, you should!

American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc. (ARBA) is a worldwide organization of over 30,000 rabbit breeders and raisers of all stripes, ranging from those who have rabbits for show or for commericial purposes to pet owners. The ARBA site has information on membership, chartered clubs, upcoming ARBA shows, and much more.

Hopping Start is a Web site that lists commercial rabbit information for those in the rabbit show and rabbit meat industries. You can sign up for an e-mail newsletter on Hopping Start and join their discussion boards.

The House Rabbit Society is a non-profit organization devoted to educating rabbit owners on how to raise and care for their pet rabbits. This beautifully designed Web site has many articles on specific rabbit care issues, as well as FAQs for new rabbit owners.

The Professional Rabbit Meat Association (PRMA) represents rabbit breeders and rabbit farms that sell rabbits for meat as well as rabbit processing businesses. The web site for this organization includes many helpful articles, the latest news for those in the rabbit meat industry, a discussion board, and a newsletter for members.

ShowBunny is a Web site with lots of information on breeding and showing rabbits. The site, which also features a number of very active mailing lists, has a breeder's directory and info on different breeds of rabbits as well. ShowBunny is owned by Rabbit Web webmaster Tony Holt.

VHDInfo.com disseminates information on Viral Hemorrhagic Disease of Rabbits (VHD). The VHDInfo site, which is a joint effort of Rabbit Web, ShowBunny, the Rabbit Industry Council, Petrabbit.com, and the Rabbit News and Research Quarterly, contains the latest news as well as much background information on this deadly disease that strikes domesticated rabbits.


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