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Privacy Policy

In this modern age of information technology, you should really know how information about you is gathered and used on the Internet. At rabbitweb.net, we take your privacy seriously and do all we possibly can to protect it. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect and use information about you as you utilise rabbitweb.net. Our Privacy Policy is subject to change, so may we suggest that you to visit this page occasionally for more information.

Why We Collect Personal Information.

Firstly, rabbitweb.net collects personal information to personalise your experience on rabbitweb. The more we know about you, the more we can present you with information and features that will interest you. The facts you provide, along with data stored in your personal "cookie," (see cookie info below) may also be used to make online shopping faster and more convenient by helping us understand your shopping.

We also use user information to measure the success and performance of rabbitweb. Information gives us an idea of the number of visitors we attract and how they navigate to and through our site. By collecting information, we can also figure the number of entries in rabbitweb.net promotions and contents. The information we collect enables us to contact users with offers and advertisements that may appeal to them. At times, we may also use the information we collect to notify users of site updates and promotions on rabbitweb.net.

How We Gather Data on rabbitweb Users.

We gather information in a number of ways, depending on the section you are using within rabbitweb.net.

Occasionally, we ask you to provide your name, e-mail address, city, county, post code and country. Whenever you give this kind of information, it helps us to develop content to suit you.

Wherever we ask you for personal information, we do try to include a link to this Privacy Policy for your review.

Other Companies Access to Your Personal Information.

rabbitweb.net does not sell, rent or trade user information to other companies. Our site may link to advertisers and sites that collect personally identifiable information about you when you access them from rabbitweb.net. This type of collection or use of personal information is beyond rabbitweb.net's control and is not covered by this Privacy Policy.

We may occasionally need to share your information with business partners who co-sponsor contests or other services. In these cases, we will provide only the data that is needed to make the service or contest successful. If we plan to share this type of information, we will notify you before we collect it. If you do not want rabbitweb.net to share your information, simply choose not to allow the transfer by not using or signing up for the contest or service in question.

Use of "Cookies" on rabbitweb.net.

"Cookies" are small data files that are sent from the site to your browser and are stored on your hard drive, keeping track of your general activity on the site. When you make subsequent visits to the site, your cookie gives us a summary of your preferences and past experiences on the site. This again allows us to further develop rabbitweb.net to suit your requirements.

Your cookie may be altered at different times throughout your visits to rabbitweb.net, and it is updated frequently as you use various rabbitweb.net features. Every time you enter rabbitweg.net, our server may deliver certain customised information to you based on the data stored in your cookie.

Some advertisers or Web sites that have links on our site may use their own cookies. Again, these cases are beyond our control and are not included in rabbitweb.net's Privacy Policy.


Where relevant, rabbitweb.net stores all data behind carefully selected security devices, such as firewalls. All data is held in the strictest confidence, protected by the strictest security standards.

Corrections and Updates

Your Agreement to This Privacy Policy.

By using rabbitweb.net, you indicate that you agree to the collection and use of your personal information by rabbitweb.net as outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Changes to This Privacy Policy.

Our Privacy Policy does change from time to time. Be sure to visit this page occasionally to find any updates we have made. We are committed to post Privacy Policy changes on this page so consumers can be sure of how rabbitweb.net is gathering and using information about them.

Should you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy please use the Contact Us Form


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