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How to Build a Nestbox

Making a rabbit nestbox is a very simple matter. All you need are a few small nails, a saw, a hammer, and a few scraps of plywood, as follows:

  • For the sides, two pieces of plywood, 18" wide x 9" high
  • For the back, one piece, 12" x 9"
  • For the front, one piece, 12" x 6"
  • For the bottom, one piece, 12" x 18"

Nail the sides to the back and front pieces. Then nail the bottom to the body of the box. You can add a partial cover to the top for the rabbit to lie on when she wants to get away from the babies. To make a partial cover, cut a piece of plywood 6" wide x 12" high. I like to round off the sides at the front so the doe won’t get hurt on the corners. Attach this piece of plywood to the back end.

And that is a simple nest box. It can be made longer for large breeds or a little smaller for dwarf breeds.


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