Rabbits Kick Out Rare Medieval Glass Pieces Rabbits Kick Out Rare Medieval Glass Pieces Rabbits Kick Out Rare Medieval Glass Pieces Rabbits Kick Out Rare Medieval Glass Pieces
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Rabbits Kick Out Rare Medieval Glass Pieces

Rabbits can be handy at times! A group of rabbits who were digging their warren threw out, apart from soil and roots, something unusual – a rare medieval glass window pieces.

Archaeology team, who were working on a separate project in central England, stumbled upon the remains dug up by the rabbits that consisted of large amount of broken glass pieces from the highly decorated window of a 14th Century manor house.

The archaeology team was so amazed with their findings they immediately called for English Heritage - the body behind preserving the country's historic monuments.

English Heritage said they were aware that a manor house existed at the place after it was flattened in the 15th Century by a wealthy family who built a bigger home nearby and found that the original house obstructed the view.

Paul Stamper, English Heritage's ancient monuments inspector for the West Midlands, said: "Normally windows would have been removed and used elsewhere but in this case it looks as though the window was simply left on the site and became incorporated into the rabbits' warren."

" Over the years, as the rabbits have done their own home improvement work, the glass shards of pottery and fragments of animal bone have been kicked out of their burrow," Stamper said.

Meanwhile, tests are being conducted to ascertain their manufacturing process, and some more pieces of glass are required before experts zero down to the scene portrayed on the window.

At present, only script work and different patterns can be made out. But experts have a race against time if they have to preserve the beautiful designs before it is lost forever, because once the glass is exposed to the air it soon begins to deteriorate.

Meanwhile, the rabbit warren location will not be disclosed by the English Heritage until the glass fragments are recovered.

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