We love the cute rabbitweb! Can we have one for keeps?

This morning I looked out my window at some snow that had fallen, and saw TONS of little rabbit tracks. I love cute rabbits – so I’m thrilled to have rabbitweb! Actually, every time we see a rabbit in our yard and field, we typically automatically call him (her?) “Bunny.” No matter how many years we’ve been here, when we see one, it’s “Bunny.”

As it turns out, “Bunny” is actually a hare. I’ve posted a picture here to show you what I mean…

Note that this photo isn’t OUR hare – I can’t get quite close enough to take a picture before he (she?) scoots into the woods. But this is the closest I can find.

We totally enjoy watching “Bunny” scarf down the plantain leaves and clover in the yard. As long as he (she?) stays away from the chard and beet greens during garden season, we’re good!

(BTW: We had ONE beet this year – Bunny ate the rest of the greens early on. Oh well… Bunny has to eat too!)