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More Bunny Pics

People who frequent Rabbit Web have some of the cutest bunnies around. If you want us to feature your rabbit in the Rabbit Web Gallery, send us a good quality jpeg and a brief note about your bunny.

Please note that each of these photos is copyright by its owner. No photo may be reproduced without the owner's permission.

Abby. It's hard to photograph Abby sitting. She stands a lot! Sometimes I wonder if she has a little kangaroo in her? She is 7 weeks old, totally litter-trained, and the most affectionate bunny anyone could ever own.

Lynn Couch

Pillsbury. About 2 years ago, Jeff Medlin spotted Pillsbury, a Flemish Giant, sitting in a carrying cage at a show. Pillbury's owner agreed to sell Pillsbury to Jeff, and that was that. Pillsbury now lives at Maple Shade Rabbitry with a number of Californians. You can visit Pillsbury at http://pillsbunny.homestead.com/

Here is a picture of Rainbeau's The Rock. He is a BEW Netherland Dwarf, bred and shown by Greg and Mary Henderson.


Mallomar, a Netherland Dwarf, was born 6/12/99. He lives in New Jersey with his Mom, Double Stuff Oreo, his sisters, Nilla Wafer and Triscuit, and of course, his human mommy, Elizabeth.


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