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More Bunny Pics

Please note that each of these photos is copyright by its owner. No photo may be reproduced without the owner's permission

Wee Woolie's Cherokee, a broken siamese sable buck owned by Marla Strange, was the winner of Best Opposite Sex of Breed (open) at the 1995 ARBA Convention.

Binner's Rose, a sable point doe owned by Lisa Johnson, was the winner of the wool class (open) at the 1995 ARBA Convention.

Ye Wee's Copycat was a Mini Rex owned by Karen Heintz, Secretary/Treasurer of the National Mini Rex Rabbit Club, Inc. Ye Wee's Copycat was shown at the 1995 Mini Rex National Show by Karen and Anne Lassen and was named Best Castor (BOV). She was a full sister to the Mini Rex doe that was named Best In Show at the ARBA Convention in 1994.

This photo of Rapunzel won 3rd place in the ARBA photo contest in 1995. Rapunzel was owned and photographed by Bob Stilson. Bob retains all rights to his photograph. If you would like to contact Bob, his e-mail address is robestil@village.ca.

Elvis is a 3-year-old dwarf bunny, born in Houston, Texas, and raised by Laura Beaty. He's litter-box trained and will go into his cage on the command of HOME! His two best friends are Wynnie (a female dwarf) and Jack, Jr.(a black mixed-breed). Elivs has a sweet-tooth! He loves yogurt, Twizzler licorice pieces, and especially peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

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