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More Bunny Pics

People who frequent Rabbit Web have some of the cutest bunnies around. This page shows a small sampling. If you want us to feature your rabbit in the Rabbit Web Gallery, send us a good quality jpeg and a brief note about your bunny.

Please note that each of these photos is copyright by its owner. No photo may be reproduced without the owner's permission.

Achilles is a Netherland Dwarf, my favorite breed. Kind regards from Belgium.


found Bugs one rainy cold night near my home next to a forest preserve. He had just run across the road in front of me and was sitting in the grass, soaking wet. I picked him up, brought him home, and dried him off. That was six years ago. Recently he has been fighting an ear infection that won't go away. He also suffered a stroke that has left the right side of his face paralyzed. Here's a photo of him in his happier days. He's still a bundle of fun!

Rob Olewinski
Brookfield, Illinois

Ruffles is a Dwarf Netherland/Himalayan. She has had one litter so far and has done very well with her babies.

This little sweetheart is one of three babies that Ruffles had.



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