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More Bunny Pics

Please note that each of these photos is copyright by its owner. No photo may be reproduced without the owner's permission

Ralphie at 4 months old (possibly a Mini-Rex). He loves to eat almost anything besides rabbit pellets, to be held, to run in the yard and through the garden, and to play with his cage-mate and the dog.

This picture of Patches, a French Lop, won the "For the Love of Animals" contest hosted by the SPCA in 1998 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Patches was also featured as the Calgary SPCA animal of the month for May 1998.

Binner was a Netherland Dwarf, a real cutie and just a wonderful pet. He loved to get his picture taken.

Glinski's Ooo La La Sr.
Netherland Dwarf Doe
April 11, 1999 BIS
Whitewater Valley RBA
Connersville, Indiana
Bred, raised, and owned by Vickie Glinski

Snuggles, an 8-month-old Rex, enjoys playing with slinkies, mathbooks, card cases, pencils, and any other object he can manage to pick up with his mouth. His favorite pastime is chirping and bobbing his head along to music.

Jaylene's Griffin was born on 2/7/97. He has in the neighborhood of 16 G.C. legs. Griffin won B.I.S. on April 11, 1998, at the Mid Valley Show in Rhinebeck, NY, with somewhere around 1100 rabbits shown. He was #15 on the HLRSC Top Lop listing and is a real sweetie. His sissy Gabriella was #24 (sibling rivalry).


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