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More Bunny Pics

Please note that each of these photos is copyright by its owner. No photo may be reproduced without the owner's permission

Happy New Year from Montana "Mini" Farm and Irish Lad, a 9-week-old broken opal buck.

Willoughby likes to get up on the couch and watch TV with me. He thinks he's the king of the household. He's almost two years old in this photo and is desexed because I house him with Fantasia. He and Fantasia are a bonded pair of dwarf Lop rabbits


Fantasia, Willoughby's niece, just turned one in this photo, even though she's a lot bigger than he is and has a coat like a sheep. Her grandmother was Angora, which is possibly why her coat is so long, although she was the only one in the litter with long fur. Fantasia and Willoughby live inside with me. When I let them out of their hutch, they like to run around playing chasey and jump off the couch at 100 mph.

This handsome bunny who's trying to blend into the bedspread is Cadberry.


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