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More Bunny Pics

People who frequent Rabbit Web have some of the cutest bunnies around. If you want us to feature your rabbit in the Rabbit Web Gallery, send us a good quality jpeg and a brief note about your bunny.

Please note that each of these photos is copyright by its owner. No photo may be reproduced without the owner's permission.


This is my little rabbit, Bundy. He`s so cuddly and cute, but he can also be a bit naughty at times!

Tina Wivelstad Norway


Here is a picture of my pride and joy, Shamus. A linx English Lop, he is just four months old in this picture.

JnScrazycritters & Rabbitry


These three charmers are, left to right, Pookie, Mr. T., and Huggy Bear. In this photo, they're three months old.

Shawn Nagy
Duluth, MN


Fatfat is an Easter bunny who likes wearing grass instead of eating it. In this photo, she's two years old.

Hong Kong


Sparky (left) is a Broken Tort Holland Lop who won three grand champion legs in Georgia for Best of Breed. Rusty is a Holland Lop/French Lop mix. Sparky went to the rainbow bridge on June 18, 2001. Rusty grives for him so much. You can see how much they loved each other.

Lee and Vikki
Griffin, Georgia


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