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The information you need to raise and care for your rabbits.

Have questions about rabbit care or breeding? Or do you want to share your rabbit expertise with others? The Rabbit Web Discussion Board is of the best places on the Web to connect with others who have an interest in rabbits.

Critter Corner: Don't Run a Fowl With Easter Animals
With the Easter just around the corner it may be tempting to get a cute, fuzzy chick or bunny. Before you commit to an consider local ordinances. The Hillcrest Patch area is made up of several communities with their own codes. Read more

Pasteurellosis in the houserabbit
Pasteurellosis, caused by the bacterium Pasteurella multocida , is a common health problem amongst pet rabbits. Read more

Hop along to the bunny café: If you've got some juicy gossip, the diners are all ears
If you like to rabbit while indulging in coffee and cake, then the diners at this cafe are all ears. A coffee house in Tokyo is offering its customers a new breed of dining experience - a cafe that boasts its own in-house fleet of pet rabbits. Aimed at the discerning rabbit enthusiast, bunny cafes are fast-emerging as a popular venue for people to hang out with the furry animals - and enjoy a brew at the same time. Read more

Are You Bunny-Bound?
Rabbits are often a first pet for a child or a step up from a hamster or guinea pig, but they are complicated creatures who require more attention, training and care than you might think. Read more

US Pair let rabbits starve to death
Two pet rabbits found starved to death in their hutch had suffered for at least two weeks, a court heard yesterday. Their bones protruded through taut flesh, their vertebrae were sticking out and there were serious signs of dehydration, said Sara Young, prosecuting for the RSPCA.
Read More - starve to death

Rabbit Proofing Your Home
Pet rabbits should have daily time outside of their cages for exercise and socialization. However, rabbits are curious and love to chew and dig, which can put both your rabbit and your belongings at risk. Rabbit Proofing Your Home - Making Your Home Safe For Pet Rabbits highlights some of the ways you can make your home safer for your pet rabbits. Related Reading: How to Stop Rabbits from Chewing Everything and How to Stop Rabbits from Digging Up the Carpet

source: about.com

US Man Stoops To Rabbit Burrows For $50,000
The trend of holding humans as hostages in exchange for ransom or other benefits seems to have seeped down to the burrows of little innocent rabbits in the USA. Sounds really strange, but it is unfortunately true.
Read More - burrows of little innocent rabbits in the USA

Magician Rabbit Goes Missing
In one of its rare cases, a magician rabbit was stolen by an audience while the show was halfway through. Read More

Rabbits Attacked By Cancer In Different Forms
The deadly disease ‘cancer’ has not even spared our little bunny rabbits and unfortunately, there are several types of cancer that can be seen in these animals.
Read Next - Most frequent types of tumours found in rabbits

Rabbits Falling Prey To Fatal Illnesses
Diseases like Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) have been found to have killed several pet rabbits in the previous year. These rabbits suffered such unfortunate and painful deaths merely because they were not vaccinated against these diseases.
Read More - Viral Haemorrhagic Disease slays its victim

Rabbits Kick Out Rare Medieval Glass Pieces
Rabbits can be handy at times! A group of rabbits who were digging their warren threw out, apart from soil and roots, something unusual – a rare medieval glass window pieces.

Deadly Rabbit Disease Outbreak in Utah
The USDA/APHIS has confirmed that a rabbitry in Utah has been infected by VHD/RCD. Pamela Alley, director of the Rabbit Industry Council, shares the details of the second outbreak of this deadly rabbit disease in the United States.

Read New VHD/RCD Outbreak in Utah Confirmed.



A Book for Young Rabbit Owners
Does your child need a easy-to-read book on rabbit care? If so, Taking Care of Your Rabbit might be the book you want to buy. Read about the pluses and minuses of this book in the review.

Read this review and others in the Rabbit Web Zine.

Saving Wild Baby Bunnies
Have you found a wild baby rabbit and think it needs saving? Chances are that it doesn't. Veteran breeder Molly Kinkaid shows you how to tell and what you should do in Saving Wild Baby Rabbits.

Read this article and others in the Rabbit Web Zine.

See the Cutest Bunnies Around
We have photos of some of best-looking rabbits on the Web in the Rabbit Web Gallery! Got a good picture of your bunny? Send it to us!

See cuties like Pookie, Mr. T., and Huggy Bear in the Gallery.

How to Make a Hay Rack
You want to make sure your rabbit gets enough hay, but it takes up so much room in your bunny's cage. What to do? Make a hay rack to hold the hay and free up valuable floor space in the cage. It's easy to do!
See How to Make a Hay Rack.
Showing Rabbits in 4-H Competitions
Ever been to a 4-H rabbit competition? Lindsey Lauterbach, a teenage rabbit breeder and president of her 4-H club, walks you through a typical show in Show Time! A Look at a 4-H/Youth Show. Rochelle Cooley, a rabbit breeder with kids in 4-H, has some handy tips for anyone competing in showmanship competitions for rabbits at a 4-H show. See Tips for 4-H Showmanship in Rabbits.

Read these and other new articles in the Rabbit Web Zine

Caring for Baby Rabbits
Is your doe is pregnant? Peter Mauer, a breeder with several years experience, shows you what to expect in Countdown to Kindling. Sometimes problems with baby bunnies develop after birth. Pat Lamar, president of PRMA, helps you with some typical problems in The Kindling Process.

Read these and other archived articles in the Rabbit Web Zine

We Have Your Rabbit Books
Need to get a good reference on rabbits? We've got a prime selection of books on rabbits.

Check out the Rabbit Web Book Store.

Want to Build a Rabbit Cage or Hutch?
If you want to save a few bucks and build your own rabbit housing, we have the articles to help you out. How to Build a Rabbit Cage shows you how to build an all-wire cage. If you're looking for a cheap and easy way to set up a rabbitry, see A Custom-Built Hutch System. Want to build an outdoor hutch from wood? A Simple Hutch System is a pictorial of one way to do it. Don't forget mother rabbit--learn how to build her and the kits a cozy shelter in How to Build a Nestbox.

Read these and other articles in the Rabbit Web Zine.

New to the World of Showing Rabbits?
Veteran rabbit breeder and A.R.B.A. Registrar Rochelle Cooley guides you through a typical rabbit show in Wow! My First Show! What Can I Expect? Once you're ready to show, she gives you advice on what to do--and what not to do--in Dos and Don'ts in Showing. Rabbit Show Basics is a comprehensive look at what happens at a rabbit show and how you can make the most of the each show. A Glossary of Terms in Showing Rabbits can help you decode the lingo used at rabbit shows.
Find out more in the Rabbit Web Zine

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